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Winning design #468 by Yulistina, Logo Design for Plastic Cigarette Filter Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Yulistina

Project description

We would like to create a new brand for our new product, which is disposable cigarette filter.

Designer is also responsible of finding a name, which is supposed to be unique and shows the way of lifestyle. 

Also the brand name is supposed to promote people to quit smoking and stop some hazardous chemicals inside of tobacco blends. Please, keep in mind not to use negative slangs or words when promoting to quit smoking...

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  • please sir check my design #572
  • Please feedback about design concept. It's possible for me to create any logo with any brand name using this infinity-like rounded font. #570
  • About #565, @ceyhun_bekler
    Hi CH,

    The name is combination of filter and cigarette.
    The color represents the dirty substance (grey) being filtered into a more breathable, greener, more lung friendly air (light green).
    The font i make to look modern and technologically advanced.

    I hope you like it and please give some feedback so i can improve the design accordingly if needed.

    Thank you!
  • how about this ? #560
  • Hello again CH @ceyhun_bekler. Here is another logo concept for your business and this time the word chosen is "CIGTER" (CIGARETTE + FILTER). The logo is designed to suit well for your business. Waiting for your valuable feedback on this one. #553
  • @ceyhun_bekler
    Please check., #550
  • "Red T" represents the plastic filter #539
  • Let me know what you think! #524
  • Hello again CH @ceyhun_bekler. This is a small variation from my previous design. If you notice the logo, you can see that the whole text logo "CIGGUARD" is shaped like a cigaratte. Have added smoke lines to indicate its a cigarette even more. To make it easier to understand, i have shown where the idea came from at the top left of this image. Waiting for your valuable feedback. #513
    • @ceyhun_bekler Ready to do any revisions/changes if required CH :)

  • Hello there CH @ceyhun_bekler ! Hope you are having a great day. The name chosen is "CIGARETTE + GUARD = CIGGUARD". Have added a subtle indication of cigarettes in the letter "i". The overall logo is designed to look professional and suitable for the business. Waiting for your valuable feedback on the logo made. Also do let me know your suggestions/opinions CH. Ready to do any revisions/changes if required.

    3B DESIGNS #512
  • Me no tar. Inspired by the Greek mythological creature Minotaur. Half bull half man.
  • About #506, realized there is already a brand name tarless, so i will withdraw this entry.
  • I create a design shaped like a coffin, in which there is the letter F. As you say, want to spread so that people stop smoking, because smoking can also cause death. I hope you like it and want to give me a reply message. thank you..:) #501
  • tarout #499
  • Exbacc of said exit and tobacco, EX means out, X also means cross / banned, bacc of said tobacco. So exbacc means out of the habit of smoking. Blue background as cigarettes, chemistry blue color means poison. #493
  • Hope you like it. Good luck #492
  • Dear @ceyhun_bekler ,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #489
  • Yulistina "Barrier" name is great but the logo is still not addressing the filter. Can we change a little bit more? It is too masculine actually #430
  • Here is another proposal for you to review.

    Thank you #465