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It was a lot of fun working with all the designers to come up with the perfect look to capture my music teaching business. I learned a lot about my own personal preferences along the way, also! DesignContest makes it easy - I would recommend to anyone needing a professional logo.

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Winning design #210 by ZukiH, Logo Design for Play Out Loud Music Studio Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ZukiH

Project description

New music studio that will feature piano lessons for all ages, including adult beginners, preschool music classes, summer camps, and more. Ages 3-103

Tagline is: Learn. Laugh. Play. 

The origin of the studio name is a play on "Laugh Out Loud, or LOL". I want students to feel as though they have permission and freedom to PLAY the piano, regardless of their level of proficiency. 

I definitely want the logo to reflect the piano-based aspect of the business. It should have a playful look, but without looking childish, as I am also marketing to adults. 

I tend to like designs that are easy to read at a quick glance, but that upon closer inspection have clever elements added. 

I have included colors that I like, but I am open to other options as well. Designs with just one or two colors are fine.

Update 4/23/16: Wondering if any designers out there would be able to create something that shows/uses hands playing the keys? 

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  • The grand piano on PLAY. the O is over width conveying the OUT. the U is over length conveying the LOUD. #183
    • About #183, @trihartono2808 A unique look - thank you! Could I see what it looks like on a plain white background? 

    • About #183, @pianomom33 I wanna show you the design on a plain white background but the time already expired. could i send to your email?

  • There's a little too much going on with the hand/piano/tongue part. Not a favorite, but thank you for your entry. #215
    • @pianomom33 Thanks for your feedback. I wanted to break the monotone and create a minimalist design for you. One symbol, conveys everything.

  • @pianomom33, are you still considering new entries? I want to enter, but not sure if you have already narrowed down.
    • @EcoDesigns Sorry I didn't see this comment sooner...but I will take entries down to the last minute!

    • @pianomom33 No worries, I am sure you have some great options to choose from. If you do extend the contest, I will try to enter it then. Thanks for getting back!

  • If you have time, could I see this design in a black and white version? Thank you! #18
  • This gives it a nice clean look, but still has some fun elements. Good job! #216
  • I think this is my favorite color combo. The pop of red really adds to it! #210
  • About #211, @pianomom33 [uploading...]
  • About #98, @ZukiH you kept the elements I liked from your previous design and made it even better! I really like that you were able to incorporate the tagline. 
    • About #143, @pianomom33

    • About #211, @ZukiH Could you do one more variation of this one? Leave off the tagline entirely, and move the 3 boxes down a little bit?  

  • here is a black and white version of it!! #214
  • Check the changes!!! #203
    • @TaniaImran Yes, that is much better, thank you! Could I see a black and white version of this design?

    • About #198, @pianomom33 sure let me make its black n white version

  • @pianomom33, Hi CH, #212 is a design I have created for your consideration. Its compact, minimalist and conveys the message easily. The compact nature of the design will make it easy for printing and great for social media marketing. I am entering late but would love to hear your feedback.

  • Ill upload different collors based on your pallete sugestion. #208
  • Thumbs up! I like this. I also like #202. This contest is going to be difficult - so many good ideas! #206

  • About #205....................................
    • @baratArt I like this one better than #204. But to be honest, there are other designs submitted that are similar that I like better.

  • and about #204.............................
  • In the colored version of this entry, the group of 3 black keys near the word 'laugh' should be all purple, instead of 2 purple and 1 green. It misleads the eye to look like the piano is made incorrectly. #201
  • Hello! I was wondering if you could do this same design in a different color palette? Maybe using orange or red? #98
    • @pianomom33 Hello! I'll do that! Thanks

  • Much better! I have to think about these designs shrunk down to fit on a business card, as well as on social media, a the font is very important.
  • check it out!!! #197
    • @TaniaImran see my comment on #197. The piano keys need to be fixed so they accurately represent a piano.

    • @pianomom33 okay I am working on it.

  • I don't really like the note/hand things - I think it would be better either with actual piano keys or nothing. Also, I don't really like that combination of fonts. #196