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Winning design #111 by designdog, Logo Design for Play Page Logo Design Contest
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designed by designdog

Project description

Play Page is a casual dating/hookup website, we are currently open to your interpretations of how the logo should look. As for guidelines we want it to look modern & professional as well as unique. We have not defined the colour scheme we will be using yet so we are willing to try all colour combinations. ***PLEASE CAN PEOPLE STOP USING HEARTS!*** (THIS INCLUDES MAKING THE P'S LOOK LIKE HEARTS YOU'RE ALL COPYING THE SAME IDEA BE ORIGINAL) THIS IS CASUAL DATING NOT LOOKING FOR ROMANCE ALSO PLEASE STOP MAKING THEM ALL WITH PINK & BLUE ALSO PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING PLAY BUTTONS ALSO PLEASE REFRAIN FROM MAKING IT LOOK LIKE IT'S FOR KIDS WE WANT PROFESSIONAL, UNIQUE LOGOS, THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO LOOK CHILDISH ***SUGGESTIONS*** Try including underwear, this could imply casual dating quite well. Do some google searches for dating etc see what others do, take ideas and show me something unique you think of from it!

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  • Dear CH, please check my design concept for your company #24 I hope you will like it best regards
  • Dear CH please check entry #17. Please do let us know what you think and any changes can be made as desired by you. regards, Afaq
  • ary
    hi CH, this is my proposals #15 #16 hope you like it
  • Hi giveitlarge, Here are my first entries... #9 is 2 'P's back to back to form a heart shape within a button, it can be sized down and the text sized up, colours can be changed but I was trying to find something between pink and blue! #10 and #11 are similar but just different colours and I wanted to show how they could go on dark or light background. Kind regards, Liz
  • same as your other entry
  • This looks like a kids logo and our brief says its for adults to hookup and date.... enough said
  • Dear CH can u please make this contest blind so there's no copy of design. regards Afaq
  • Hi there, My submissions (#35 and #49) try to capture the 'casual/hookup' vibe about playpage. I hope that the feeling transfers through the designs. #49 is a more crisp and simplified version of #35. Cheers!
  • Dear CH, I've submitted #47 and #48. My first concept is simpler, while #48 features the "P" as a subtle chess piece to help symbolize the "play" aspect. Thanks, Colleen
  • Hi giveitlarge, Thank you for the feedback - I agree with your thoughts and I am working to revise the design slightly to capture the missing piece. Stay tuned. Thanks so much. Cheers.
  • As I said previously I liked the concept of your previous work where the Play & Page crossed over each other. I don't really like that way it's done though.
  • quite like the concept, work on this
  • i like the simplicity of this but theres something missing i can't put my finger on
  • like the concept of the words crossing but not overly keen on the finish
  • SCH
    Hi giveitlarge entry #83 - the love shape lip ( outer & inner lip )
  • Hi giveitlarge - I submitted one more entry (#82) that is a variation of the original and includes an additional element. Cheers!
  • Not what we're looking for
  • Don't think that's what I would call a professional logo...
  • Hi giveitlarge, I updated my original design (#49) to provide a little more depth while maintaining a clean look. I also moved the lips to the position of the 'a' within 'page' as, after looking at it for a while, I was concerned that your branding could be misconstrued as 'ploy page'. I am also working on a few other submissions and would welcome any suggestions you may have to take the design place that bests suits your requirements. Cheers!
  • your entry is too much like entry 46