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Wow! What a great experience. The talent was very impressive and it made our decision in a new logo difficult. I love the fact that we thought we made a choice, and then last minute, a new design was presented that ended up winning.

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Winning design #426 by Chrissara79, Logo Design for PLUS Financial Network Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Chrissara79

Project description

We are looking for a new logo that represents the company's expansion into the modern technological world.

Currently we have a fancy  + symbol as our logo.  It looks like a hospital or medical design. 
We are an insurance brokerage company. 
Basically the idea that we are a financial insurance company that is moving forward and a leader.  
1. So we are looking for either a + symbol that appears to be moving or shooting forward, 
or the name PLUS moving or shooting forward.

2. Our new company slogan/motto is: Innovative insurance solutions for the modern world. we would like for the slogan to be under the logo with with company name.
3. The letter styles should be professional, nothing too whimsical.
4. there are some samples below to help identify what I am thinking.  
5. Please include PLUS Financial Network and the company slogan
EDIT: After looking at some of the entries, it appears that a red plus sign ends up looking like a medical symbol, so no red symbol.
also if the + symbol is added, please add it "Behind" the name PLUS..
6. Keep the Font less fat, and modern.

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  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #430
  • Hi,
    check it.
    thanks #425
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #423
  • dex t #415
  • . #412
  • Please check one of my submission . I would happily comply any changes you want ! #409 #408

  • Please check one of my submission . I would happily comply any changes you want ! #410
  • hi please check it and give me feedback.
    thanks #411
  • Just removed the pixel effect in the Plus sign. #400
  • Hi,

    As per your design brief I have envisioned this logo.
    Any comments/suggestions are welcome to improve this design.

    Thanks for your time,
    eshtiyak #399
  • ... #383
  • About #300, @cakirdesign OK I will revise my designs
  • hi ch, ive made you a stand alone logo ,even if without the the company's name still they know recognized the nature of your company #370...i hope you like it....comments always appreciated
  • Can you change to font to one that is more modern such as one where the A is an upside down V? The boldness/thickness is perfect, just a little more modern. thank you! #300
  • In the stock market there indicate an increase by using __ __ __ __ Can you add this small symbol after the F? #300
  • For optional. #364
  • Participate and submit design to the contest logo PLUS Financial Network. #361
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #360
  • still trying to find the right touch. hope you like it. thank you #359
  • thanks for the feedback you give #311. Now I try to give as you have requested changes to the cross element. hope you like it. and please contact me immediately, if possible, there are still shortcomings or even mistakes. thank you #356