Poke Addiction

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Winning design #69 by ian.robert.douglas, Logo Design for Poke Addiction Contest
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designed by ian.robert.douglas

Project description

We are a fast casual poke (sushi type bowls, salads, and wraps) restaurant. We would like a logo that is modern, edgy, appetizing and inviting. It would tie into the elements of poke and and perhaps addiction but in terms of being addicted to a something good. We would also like the design to have the look and feel of a national chain brand.

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  • Hi everyone, thank you for all the great designs. There are so many good entries that we are in fact having a difficult time choosing a winner. There are four partners and we need to agree on one design. We are getting close and have it narrowed down, we will have decision buy tomorrow afternoon PST. Thank you all for your patience and hard work.
  • Sample, clean and professional design. I hope you will like it. If you want any change, change in colors, change in font, than please leave your feedback. Thanks #97
  • Please leave your feedback. Thanks
  • Hi,

    As per your design brief I have envisioned this logo.Is that gives you the right feel of your brand or not?
    Any comments/suggestions are welcome to improve this design.

    Thanks for your time,
    eshtiyak #86
  • On reflection, my initial design could seem a little strong, so I went in another direction. My original was a Marlin, but this time I went with a Tuna. I also changed the nature of the illustration to be more in fitting with the bowl, so left the fish mostly in outline. I add something a little hidden: the fins are actually leaves, to denote or suggest salad. #84
  • Hello, rate please my design #80
  • I am ready to your feedback . thanks #70
  • Puts forward proposals for your logo #67
  • Puts forward proposals for your logo #66
  • Hi! this is my first entry, let me know for any changes! thanks! #50
  • Hi There! this is my first entry, let me know please if you want changes,, best regards! #49
  • About #42, @paradiseair
    Hi CH, this is the revised version. Using the color of tuna and salmon fish meat, enlargement on word 'addiction', and macron on the 'E'. I hope you like it better and feel free to give any feedback.
    Thank you
  • please checked it,thanks. #40
  • please checked it,thanks. #39
  • Hi, there are a lot of great entries here, the team is really split on a lot of these. What some of us are realizing is that we really like the idea of showcasing our product through the logo as not everyone knows what poke is. A lot of the entries look like sushi or sushi on a plate which is not exactly our product, poke is more like a sushi type salad or rice bowl. Our featured product will be a to-go bowl of rice with raw salmon and/or tuna along with Asian inspired sauces and toppings.

    One of the partners likes the direction of #24 but feel the fish colors could be more of a salmon orange and a tuna red, also maybe a bit less rice. He also wants to see the food bowl as the “o” in poke. Also the font could be a bit softer and more modern, he likes the font for “opal” in the design contest logo sample page, also addiction is hard to read due to sizing.

    I like #28 but “poke” should be more legible and more protein color and less green, as green represents the green aspect our menu but kind of feels like the protein is missing. I also like #20 but is a bit too red and addiction is hard to read.

    Another partner likes #9, #10 and #19 but didn’t really give any specific details on changes.

    This is still pretty wide open as a lot of designs got honorable mentions in general with no specifics on changes so may be in the running as they are. After talking to the partners I think the general takeaway would be a bowl of food representation, chopsticks are a plus, red and/or orange to represent protein, green to represent toppings, black looks good in there to balance, and legible poke and addiction. I will give more feedback as I get it. We will turn on voting sometime through the weekend.

    We also wanted a macron above the letter “e” in poke to represent the long e pronunciation. That can just be a minor change at the end however.
  • good day , paradiseair .
    please review and give me feedback if this needs to be revised. #32
  • please checked it,thanks. #31
  • hi sir,please checked it,thanks. #30
  • Hi guys, there are some good looking entries here. I think we are on the right track. I have three other partners in this and am going to get feedback from them at a meeting tomorrow afternoon. I will post updates on which entries we like best and any opinions or suggestions on changes.