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Winning design #85 by setyalegawa, Logo Design for Poke Saigon Contest
Gold Medal

designed by setyalegawa

Project description

hawaiian poke restaurant logo in Saigon. 

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  • Last try can you put the chopstick flat or replace them by a spoon. Thanks #110
    • About #110, @manusjunkmail oke..i'll fix it ..thank you

    • About #110, @manusjunkmail hello.. i'll upload the design with the chopstick flat , but the contest was expired .
      thank you

  • About #104, @Kosa05 @manusjunkmail if you want CH . i could give you all the different colors .
  • About #77, @manusjunkmail ok CH . no problem .
  • @manusjunkmail . thank you for the feedback . #77
    • Can you try it to make it different color. I really like this one but when I voted with my friend the winner because #88. I am thinking maybe it come from too much pink

  • combine colours
    very to remember #81
  • combine colours black and pink
    easy to remember #80
  • please check my design #64
    Thank you
    • @natashajimmy I like the concept. The problem is that I serve fresh fish at my restaurant. On your fish looks like a "dead"/old fish?

    • @manusjunkmail ok Thanks for feedback. next time i try more better! :) Thank you

  • I like how clever is this one. Can you make it flat to see how it would look like on a website. Thanks #34
  • i hope you like this design. #56
    • @areebashafii the 2 forks reminds me a of a rotisserie restaurant so it's not really the same type of food

  • I like your bowl better. I do like the fact that the text circle the logo. I think it's also missing a little bit of color #54
    • About #54, @manusjunkmail thank you..i'll try the bowl with circle text..
      thank you

    • @setyalegawa I like the circle about the bowl. Maybe it was too much color this time.

  • hi sir?
    how do you about this one ? #44
  • raa
    I welcome your comments and feedback. #39
  • Poke is not ramen. It's a fish #29
  • a design with a cat fish in the circle describe your cafe/restaurant , it is a simple modern logo.
    please give a feedback and rate
    thanks #28
  • I hope you like it ! #26
    • @areebashafii Poke is the main name of the restaurant Saigon is it's location. So I think it shouldn't be on the same line...

  • Note you don't have to pick all the colors. It can be one of those 3 or 2 of them. Suggestions are also welcome. Primary text is Poke. Saigon is just the name of the location. Like New York or Paris