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Winning design #7 by mbokndewor, Logo Design for Policyholder Advocacy Group Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mbokndewor

Project description

Update: We are interested in seeing logos that communicate that we are approachable. The logos we are looking for need to be different than your traditional professional services firm, i.e - we don't want it to feel like a legal brand. 

If you look at the current landscape of successful public adjustment firms in the SW Florida area, you are inundated with brand identities that are:
Outdated (shadowed icons, irrelevant stock photos, heavy fonts, too much color_
Text Heavy (these sites aren't user-friendly and are inundated with enormous paragraph blocks)
- Untrustworthy (the nature of this business can trigger red flags in the eyes of customers, language that is too technical and images and branding that don't reflect 'realness' make it difficult to determine if these companies are quality or spam)

The branding and logos for Policyholder Advocacy Group need to communicate the following:
- Trustworthiness
- Professionalism
- Honesty
- Authenticity
- Fresh and modern

Policyholder Advocacy Group needs to feel like an approachable company that an individual would call in the time of crisis and know that they would be well taken care of. No customer of PAG should ever feel like there is a possibility of being spammed.

I believe the color scheme for PAG should be whites, greys, and blues - flat icons if any, clean lines, CIRCULAR shapes, and adequate use of white space.

Brands that capture some of these elements include: Handy, Airbnb, Blue Bottle Coffee, TOMS, LearnVest, and Trans Union.

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  • We like that you incorporated something circular into this design! It feels a little heavy. Would you mind creating an alternate version that has more space to it? #24
    • Dear Sir, Please see my designs #84,#85,#86,#87,#88,#89,#117 and #118. Best Regards,

  • POLICYHOLDER logo. simple and clean logo #111
  • PLEASE RATE #109
  • Oops…also made blue richer as an option #67
  • Happy to make any adjustments you feel are needed… #66
  • Dear arielupton,

    Hope you like the design... Awaiting Feedback.

    Regards #50
  • Hi! Some elements of your design we like a lot but it feels a little stiff. Are you open to making any subtle changes to making this more approachable and less legal looking? #1
  • Really, really like your work. We also would like to see a design of yours that is more circular in nature. Would you be willing to do that? #8
  • We really like this! Would you be willing to make another version with Policyholder Advocacy Group all stacked on top of each other and the word bubble matching in height? #7