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Winning design #203 by Mahendra_Mahe, Logo Design for PolyRite Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Mahendra_Mahe

Project description

We are and spray foam insulation an industrial coatings company.   We take a holistic approach to evaluating the needs of our customers to determine the right application products to meet and exceed our client’s goals.


The name PolyRite barrows Poly from the chemical classification of a wide range of compounds used in both spray foam applications and industrial coatings (mainly polyurea and polyurethane and the many attributes you can give compounds made in that family with different additives). The Rite in PolyRite is a reference to using sound building science, chemical formula science (coating application attributes), eco-friendly/carbon footprint reducing science, and proper application of said substances (only proper physical application yields good results in the curing process.

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  • hi dear sir please see my design and feedback me.please #281
  • I combined the P and R for a more clean look. The spray can be removed if desired, but I thought it added a nice touch. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Enjoy. #272
  • Please Check My Entry #267
  • I went for a more holistic approach on this design by using a design that's synonymous with holistic values. The zig zag tier above that is similar to the basic molecular formula for polyurethane. The level above that is supposed to symbolize a spray. Any tier can be removed and/or colors can be switched up for preference! I hope you like it. #263
  • Hello, this is your first project. the first project must be exactly what you want, and I made the design carefully enough. I hope you like my design and so that I can help your next project .thanksyou verymuch :) #252
  • PolyRite #243
  • Please feedback sir.. #239
  • Feel free to ask me for any refinement, thanks. #238
  • About #236, @andrianabramita

    The third concept is using basic shape of leaf, represent the eco it self. While the Polyrite word wrapped inside of the sector have philosophical meaning: coating without destructive. The style like this will looking good for the trademark for product, as later it will combine with other design element, like copywriting or other graphic design. I hope you like this one too.
  • i hope you like my design :) #237
  • About #235, @andrianabramita

    For the second option is, i represent the spray concept by replacing the O letter in POLYRITE word as the icon. You can easily tell that is the spray. As the same like before, you can use the icon as the separate design element as your needs. Hope you like it too.
  • About #234, @andrianabramita

    Hello CH, I'd like to explain about the concept of this logo. So the icon is actually stand from P (Poly) and R (Rite). Of course it can't look too obviously P and R, that's why to highlight the concept i separate by the color. You can use the icon separately for many need, suppose for merchandise. It will still look good stand alone. I hope you like my concept. Looking forward for your review.
  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #229
  • Simple and Powerful logo... #228
  • PolyRite Logo Design... #217
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #215
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #214
  • another version #210
  • @smanning Hello CH please see entries #172 and #181 thanks
  • Your feedback is very important, thanks #202