Pom de la Pom

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Project description

Pom de la Pom creates beautiful and seriously cute accessories for girls and their mommies purely focusing on pom poms. Handcrafted in Dubai, Pom de la Pom is the crème de la crème of the pom pom world.

Pom de la Pom was started with an aim to offer luxury accessories to pompom lovers who appreciate highest quality and the sentiment of handcrafting. 

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  • Hello, please look at my design and let me know what you think! #31
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  • Dear @Agne Skutelis ,
    Another option
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  • Dear @Agne Skutelis ,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
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  • The logo needs to communicate luxury for buyers to feel that they are purchasing a premium product. Words that well describe the brand are: different, friendly, super cute yet expensive and luxury.
  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #1