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Winning design #289 by Asiong19, Logo Design for Pom de la Pom Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Asiong19

Project description

Pom de la Pom creates beautiful and seriously cute accessories for girls and their mommies purely focusing on pom poms. Handcrafted in Dubai, Pom de la Pom is the crème de la crème of the pom pom world.

Pom de la Pom was started with an aim to offer luxury accessories to pompom lovers who appreciate highest quality and the sentiment of handcrafting. 

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  • Hello. Please you watch my design. THANK YOU #292
  • Please remember that the emphasis when creating the logo should still be on LUXURY. the logo is for a PREMIUM product and while the main audience is moms and girls, it has to appeal to luxury-loving audience and be able to be adopted for boys market later down the line. THANKS!
  • can you please make Pom Pom more visible? #261
    • @Agne Skutelis Yes, thank you for the request. I have uploaded #277 and #278 as options. I look forward to your feedback.

  • Here is with a different, much bolder font. #278
  • Here is with a similar font but slightly bolder. #277
  • I changed the font. #276
  • I changed the colour. #275
  • the text is not visible easily. If placed on social media it will not be seen in small icons #272
  • can you please provide more colour variantions? all in one colour version too? thanks #76
  • can you provide more colour variantions?
  • Hi! could you provide a version with white letters on turquoise background and visa versa?
    • @Agne Skutelis I would love to! I have done it but my program froze when I was trying to save and upload. I'm afraid I wont' have time to upload before contest expires.

    • @Agne Skutelis Whew! Did it with 2 seconds to spare. Thank you for your feedback and opportunity to participate. #261

    • @DesignLion Thanks so much! this one is one of my favourites :) I will keep you posted on my decision. Thanks for submitting your ideas

  • About #76, @GAKA would you be able to change pink to other colours? Turquoise please?
  • This is my second submission. #255
  • Notice the design # 235 please
  • Handcrafted,beautiful,cute.I chose the colors pink because it represents girl,cute,and gold for luxury. #231
  • feedback me please...? #223
  • feedback me please...? #205
  • feedback me please...? #204
  • Hi Please check design no #199
  • feedback please. #196