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Winning design #7 by Dody_arts, Logo Design for PONDERBOX Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dody_arts

Project description

I need a creative logo for my book business.

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  • kentis2016 using . My account is banned and this is my girlfriends account. #105
  • keep this exact same design but turn the book red #7
  • and more #80
  • this again #77
    • @artdesign12 tolong lebih kreatif lagi,jangan meniru karya orang lain,terima kasih.

    • @Dody_arts liat aja design nya aja beda aku gk penah meniru design orang

    • @artdesign12 cuman posisinya aja sama

    • @artdesign12 liat dong designnya beda

    • @artdesign12 cuman kebetulan aja posisinya sama ini kan contest bro jangan kesal begitu

  • hi , how to design me on this one , thanks #79
  • hi , how to design me on this one ? and why many other contestants who imitate my design ? thank you #78
  • like this #75
    • About #75, @artdesign12 Wow i really love this. keep this design but take away the orange line on the front pages like on #71. sorry if i am a bit demanding but i really love your designs

  • like this #76
  • not #64 Im sorry. the book on #62 #74
  • I like the book exactly in #64 just without the bookmark and with that additional line near the end of the book binding #74
  • I am leaning towards this design but maybe get rid of the bookmark and bring the book down closer to the title like in #72 and not on a card. #62
  • i would like to see this design not on a card also. thank you #65
  • can i see how this design would look as a digital image. not on a card. #63
  • VG
    Sorry ... I've mentioned I've made a mistake in the name... I'll correct it and upload the logo again!!! Thank you! #66
  • This is my last logo boss. I hope you like it and I hope you rate it 100 . Thank you #61
  • 521 #54
  • 454 #53
  • 251312 #52
  • what about my design this ? thank you #48
  • About #7, @reytolento95 thanks sir