Ponte Vedra Capital Management

The artist has been very helpful and willing and ABLE to make the adjustments that I asked for... I am pleased with the final product that has been produced, and would recommend more clients, strongly consider going with "Nicolets"

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Winning design #78 by nicolets , Logo Design for Ponte Vedra Capital Management Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nicolets

Project description

Financial Services- for the very sophisticated, wealthy folks who have worked very hard to get where they are financially. I am looking for something with class- and a Brand that will absolutely STAND OUT against the competition.

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  • #63 , #64, #65 Ponte Vedra Capital Management
  • Dear @aforextrader:

    Please take a look at my design that try to resemble an estructured plan (management) to reach the desires of the people that work everyday for it.

    Your feedback is very important.


    [ JOBZ] #90
  • Ponte Vedra Capital Management hope you like it. #86
  • Ponte Vedra Capital Management hope you like it thank you. #85
  • Ponte Vedra Capital Management hope you like it. #84
  • About #76, @nicolets #77 Sir is the latest.. thanks...
  • Open for suggestions... #72
  • Hi You Guys! I so appreciate your efforts..! I think I really am leaning towards the 3D effect.. If you guys can, please keep coming up with additional designs, with that in mind- You guys really are talented...! Thank you again for applying your skills!
  • Logo design with presentation, open for suggestions. #49
  • Logo design with presentation, open for suggestions. #48
  • I really like this one- could you also try to give it the 3D effect that the #9 entry has, with those rich colors as well- the wave is going in the right direction, higher as it goes to the right.. :-) #15
    • About #9, @aforextrader hi CH.. thank you very much for this great comment.. i will submit your latest request.. thanks and regards..

    • @aforextrader hi CH.. feel free to look at my latest submitted design... thanks and regards...

  • Could you try and creat this one similar to the #9 entry- with the rich colors, and 3D effect, but reversing the wave, to up as it goes to the right? #14
  • I like this as well.. Having the Palm in the Sun.. of the O.. Try different colors.. #22
    • About #22, @aforextrader Ok, thanks.

  • Maybe a different font, slightly bolder letters... Use some more color maybe- #7
  • HAs a good look to it- I like the Palm in the middle, but needs some other additions, like maybe some fading background colors, waves,..? #4
  • So far, these colors I like very much- Not sure how to implement the other part of the Palms, waves, and sun though.. #2
  • This looks very professional- which is good.. Almost a little formal- It should try to maintain a beachy feel to it.. #27
  • This one is really good as well! maybe 3D, and maybe slightly thinker waves.. but my wife thinks that she likes the fact that the waves end on a "High..." :-) #15
  • I also really like this logo, it somehow needs a little more sophistication, maybe 3D #14
  • I really like the 3D part of this one.. as well as the logo- it might be a bit too consolidated- but good!