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designed by baiskee

Project description

Acquired domain name poolcar.com for rebranding our popular web application (Fleet Vehicle Booking System; hence the need for a catchy new name). Poolcar is a system used by companies who have a fleet or pool of cars. Using the system, staff can book or reserve a car for travelling into the community, eg home visits for patients. Fleet coordinators can utilise other modules, including traffic infringements, servicing reminders, utilisation reports, etc... At present the system is sold direct to corporates but the acquisition of this domain name will enable us to offer a 'cloud' service for small fleets (ie, 0-50 cars). So in summary poolcar.com is a cloud offering around vehicle servicing and fleet management tools. We require a logo that is crisp, clean and predominantly typographic (in a suitable typeface; more towards corporate end of spectrum and not grungy, etc). Ideas include playing on the double "oo" for maybe headlights or wheels? Rest of the website will be sans-serif typeface. Maybe a vehicle licence plate with the logo to look like a registration plate? Important that the logo can be reversible - ie can be on a white background AND a gradient-background. Sites that we like the look and feel of (in no particular order); Xero.com, campaignmonitor.com, vectorstock.com (see a theme here of say dark grey and light blue??).

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  • Hi, it's poolcar (singular) not poolcars. Thx.
  • Hi, I like the mag wheels. Can we try the typography on the one line?
  • An aesthetic and logo and playing with typography. I'm waiting for the review to tell me if I'm on the right track. thank you very much
  • This is a very different proposal, I'm waiting for the review and see if I go in the direction rorrecta. thank you very much
  • Hello that such I wonder if this is the direction you want, since reading your brief you indicate that you would like something in a car plate, but if I would like to know if you will completely typographical or like the idea of an icon like the car. Thank you very much and I hope the review.
  • Trying something different here, using car keys to give it a book/reserve feeling. Let me know if you like the idea and if you wish to see some changes. Thanks.
  • just do modifications as mentioned..thank you for comment
  • Hi, Can I please see a revision where the typeface has a lighting effect, like in your #57 entry
  • Sorry for double submission. Please delete #49. #50 is the right one.
  • its against the rules to use colored background unless CH asks. You have multiple infractions. One more and you are banned for 6 months
  • Here is the adjustment agree to the review, more like a license plate and a more consistent typography
  • This is the proposal in a single line, I can also remove the blue line if you do not like it. I hope your review. Thank you very much
  • Any suggestions to improve this design? Maybe a slight gradient to 'CAR' ? Feedback for improvements welcome. cheers
  • Can we try making the "oo" the same font colour (jumps out as "poo" .. maybe its just me.) Like the steering wheel angle, nice!
  • Are we going for a road motif here? That might be interesting to try.
  • Can we try a variation that looks very close to a licence/registration plate ? eg, an OCR type of font say without an icon ?
  • At first I thought the icon was a road, then someone else thought it was a wave. Keen to distance the logo from water related.
  • Clever but in my opinion too busy and too big. Thx.
  • From first glance looks like a pool as in body of water.
  • No backgrounds allowed, I am only marking one of your entries as a problem the other are hidden. You have been a member for a very long time, you know we do not allow backgrounds unless it is requested by the contestholder or part of the logo