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Winning design #398 by mayang, Logo Design for Pop Fit Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mayang

Project description

Company Logo for a new athletic-leisure wear company. 

Pop Fit is a active leisure wear line for trendy women. Selling "yoga pants" and sports bras matching sets.

Everyday wear, active wear and leisure/ lounge wear. The new sweat pant - young, trendy, hip, girly and functional.

Age of customer 18 to 24 yr old women / college students. Across all 50 states.

They will see this logo on social media and possibly in stores.

Must submit a single color as well as a colorized version.

We also want an icon submitted with all designs.

POP Fit (2 words and the capitalization)

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  • LBM
    About #461, @rowdy6 we really like this but in order to print on our pants we really need one that works in one color. possible to help us do a variation on this with that in mind? ty
    • About #461, @loyaltybrandmarketing
      Am happy to adjust this to one colour if still open to it?

    • About #461, @loyaltybrandmarketing
      I have made edits as per your instructions, however not sure I can submit to you via contest since it's expired?

    • About #461, @loyaltybrandmarketing
      I have made edits as per your instructions, however not sure I can submit to you via contest since it's expired?

    • About #345, @loyaltybrandmarketing

      Hi, I've made a one colour version of #461 that I think works very well and something you may wish to take a look at. However, I am not sure how to show you. I have asked Design Contest Help for support. Maybe you could extend contest and extra day?

    • About #345, @loyaltybrandmarketing
      Hi, I've uploaded edits to my Public Profile which you are free to access. Please let me know what you think. Regards

  • LBM
    i like where this is going but i feel that the first P is too hard to tell it is a p, would like another variation but for now must decline #411
    • @loyaltybrandmarketing hmm, due to time zone difference i read your message little late. contest is expired, can't submit new variation.

  • @loyalbrandmarketing. How about this CH?ty #525
  • @loyaltybrandmarketing. Hello Ch. with logo and black background. Hope u like it. tnx #518
  • I make 'P' and 'F' like a heart. I make unique, simple, clean, and cute. Thanks #511
  • What do you think of this proposal? Sometimes simplicity is very cool ... #504
  • LBM
    could you please submit with an icon? thank you #502
    • @loyaltybrandmarketing okay Ch. ty

  • another one Ch. @loyaltybrandmarketing. #503
  • Hello CH! @loyaltybrandmarketing. How about this?Hope u like it. ty #502
  • LBM
    this is interesting. could you move the fit to the other P. and maybe give variations on the O in different designs? thank you #420
  • LBM
    thank you, we like this, we dont love the woman inside the heart, perhaps a variation on the icon? we like the heart aspect. thank you #501
  • LBM
    we are looking for a more fashion less athletic look. thank you #491
  • thanks for inviting me in your logo design...kindly check mine #497.498 thanks
  • @loyaltybrandmarketing How about this? #495
  • LBM
    we would like a variation with this as 2 words please, also, we still feel the logo is too plain for what we are looking for, but we really like the cohesiveness of the overall design. any more variations would be much appreciated. #185
    • About #185, @loyaltybrandmarketing Alright sure :)

  • another option :) #489
  • What did you think of this "p"? #488
  • Font option for evaluation. #472
  • LBM
    also the p inside the heart is very hard to read, perhaps a variation on that as well please. thank you #433
  • Is it as you imagined? #468