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Winning design #73 by sandycat, Logo Design for Popular Art Show needs new Logo!! Contest
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designed by sandycat

Project description

Art in the Barn is an annual fundraiser for Essex County Greenbelt. Entering its 22nd year, Art in the Barn is a very popular art show that attracts 4,000 people each year. We need a new, fresh logo to help publicize the event. The logo should be clean and elegant, yet bold. Currently, the logo is dark green, which we would like to keep as the main color.

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  • Like it a lot, but wonder if you might change the font on Barn to something a little softer.
  • Yes, of course.
  • Can we see a mockup of the "Art" in dark green too?
  • Fantastic! Love it, YES, YES.
  • FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dear CH, I tried to arrange each words integrated into your barn. It maybe so different from my original #20. :-)
  • This is an elegant design which includes all elements casting the barn that resembles yours and the artistic feel to it... and #54 is different in arrangement a bit, hope you like it! Please tell me if you would like to see something altered ^^.
  • Hi Contest holder: I redesigned the concept with the tree but without the chimney. The problem is I can't submit it. Please try to imagine it without the chimney as it looks really nice. TY
  • BARN with an open door of welcoming... I make sure here that aside from A & R of the word ART "T" can be recognized also thou it's the part of the barn and I present here the letter "R" of ART as a canvass which is the a-"R"-t itself. Just hope this one suit your likes. Have a nice day CH.
  • I wanted to combine upscale with fun so I vectorized the photo of your barn but framed it with a whimsical design. Bold, artsy type adds to the overall approach. The frame immediately conveys "art" with the added interest of turning the barn into a work of art. Looking forward to your feedback!
  • This is my simple design....
  • This logo stands for the artistic manifestations of painting and music put together to form the sealing of the barn. Strong and elegant this logo will be perfect to use in t-shirts, posters, cups and any promotional media you may choose.
  • HI CH: Last night I did research on your company and I found this picture << http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_RDdu-Ub4jEY/Sy5qvi3JF-I/AAAAAAAACoo/cEZ8SqeIKYs/s1600-h/100_1513.jpg >> Is this you? I had added a chimney in my design because this picture has one but upon further review of the pictures you had posted on Flickr there is no chimney. I can always make the change.
  • Also I have designed the tree to resemble brush strokes as in art. TY
  • Hi CH: I have reviewed the pictures you've posted and I have added a small detail "the chimney" to the concept barn so it can further resemble your barn. I have also added a tree to the design as I feel trees and nature are a vital factor to your image. This will be my last revision as I can no longer submit. Hope you like it. :)
  • the contest holder requested a black version along with colored version, you have green here not black
  • Designers, please find images of our barn at the following link. Thanks! http://www.flickr.com/photos/61044054@N03/
  • My designs for your project ^^ #37, 38, 39 and 40 Please kindly comment and advice for me to improve. Thanks.
  • this is new rivison
  • Dear CH, Thanks for your kindness. BTW, I think it'd be better and fairer if you share your barn's image to us all designers in your brief page.