Port City Merchants Limited.

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Winning design #120 by SixElevenDesign, Logo Design for Port City Merchants Limited. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SixElevenDesign

Project description

UPDATE: I'd like to see some abstract monograms using "PCM"

UPDATE: Looking to focus on "Merchants" and have Port City on top in a smaller font. 

I am starting a new company in Saint John, New Brunswick. I am hoping that this logo will be the face of a boutique hotel, a retail brand and a cafe.

I'm looking to a unique symbol that can accompany the business name and stand alone. I'm trying to avoid traditional nautical symbols - no anchors or ships wheels please.

Essentially I'm looking for a logo that will look good on a fork, on a pillow and on a tie. 

I am looking for a minimalistic modern logo that appeals to a variety of generations and classes - prestige but not pretentious. Something that can easily be incorporated in design elements and on a letter head.

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