Portland's ONLY 100% Chinese Medicine Clinic FOR PETS Needs Simple but Powerful Logo!

We enjoyed the process, though it was a little nerve racking and we felt like we were glued to this website for 2 weeks! The designer we chose complied with all of our little modifications and we're ready to start using our design!

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Winning design #107 by Innerscape, Logo Design for Portland's ONLY 100% Chinese Medicine Clinic FOR PETS Needs Simple but Powerful Logo! Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Innerscape

Project description

Our boutique clinic setting is immediately simple, relaxing, modern (with some traditional Chinese touches), stylish, and most of all peaceful. We would like our logo to be the same and instill confidence in the pet owner or referring veterinarian looking for answers for their beloved pet or beloved client. We need a logo that is telling of what we do (highlights Chinese medicine), but DOES NOT make us look like a Western veterinary practice nor like a bad Chinese tattoo. No circular, “popular” yin yang symbols. Include business name and pictorial features, but any pictorial aspects should be able to stand alone if needed.

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  • A little too "traditional vet clinic" for us. Would love to see what else you can come up with!
  • Try incorporating the tree into a yin yang?
  • Too stereotypical
  • A dog or cat logo with the dog in motion showing off his new flexibility from his Aewsome accupuncture tx would be ok but the red ball/pagoda is a little much!
  • Snakes around the ankles #3. The dog is in a yoga pose with his hind legs wrapped forward. I guess that wasn't conveyed.
  • balancedpetsnw, I can change the ears of the animal in the tree. It wouldn't be a panda anymore.
  • NO PANDA'S!! sophisticated,not cutsey we are looking for this theme: http://ocom.edu/ take a look and retry! Like the simplicity but wrong direction with the panda- You can do it!
  • still no hint of sophistication or traditional Chinese medicine! PLEASE DESIGNERS look up this website for OCOM's logo http://ocom.edu/
  • try taking out the pagoda- simplify.
  • too traditional the only thing chinese is the lettering. there is also a healthy pets NW with a ying yang in town and they sell dog food. this logo would be great for them but not for me. try something else about the biz name- One of my big passions is getting pets back into their favorite sport so if anything make them dog active like jumping off a dock for a hunting competition?
  • dog is cute we are not looking for cute or traditional vet clinic! Instead of the dog please use some traditional chinese logo's look up the oregon college of orietal medicine in portland, or they have some nice ideas from their logo.
  • balancedpetsnw, What animals do you specialize in treating?
  • I don't treat fish and It is way too cutsey!
  • too cutsey! I used to be a zoo veterinarian and treated panda's but not anymore!! Take out the panda and look at some traditonal chinese images!
  • toooooo traditional clinic!!!!
  • Dear CH! Thanks for the feedback. Here is a revised version of #2, with additional image and w/ changed colors. Sincerely, sublevel.
  • great drawing good effort but I think you can totally pull this off by going in another direction.
  • with so much focus on dog it excludes cat and the snakes around his ankles look like a threat! Wrong message! It your dog gets bitten by a snake don't bring him or her to us!
  • Great incorporation of a chinese touch. This logo is definitely the best so far. Maybe try some additional chinese style images - simple dragon etc . . .
  • Hi, Please find my entry #3. I want to mention that there is an imbalance, ironically, of the text. Would you be open to Balanced Pets Northwest rather than Balanced Pets NW. Visually, it is much better. The text will feel nicer. Best, Jessica