Positive Forces: Method of the Strong Man

I put a lot of thought into what I wanted our logo to symbolize/represent, but I wasn't sure where to start with the design process. I also didn't want to go down a rabbit hole with a design company. I provided my thoughts and ideas to the designers at DesignContest, and I was very pleased with not only their creativity, but also their ability to tailor their creations to exactly what I wanted. You can't go wrong when you get a large community of designers who are excited about possibly winning a competing - this brings out their best work. Very happy with the end product.

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Winning design #270 by learn_13, Logo Design for Positive Forces: Method of the Strong Man Contest
Gold Medal

designed by learn_13

Project description

This is a documentary that is currently being filmed. It is a groundbreaking project, and it is not associated with any organizations outside of the small group of individuals who have come together to bring their energy and talents to this project. The project started as an idea spawned from frustrations with the current violent state of affairs in the world (i.e. wars, state and insurgent terrorism, violent protests, violent revolutions, etc.). We hope to tell a story and spread a message taught by Mahatma Gandhi, Badshah Khan, Martin Luther King, Jr., and other great thinkers like them both living and dead. Our small team believes that our unique abilities and ideas will enable us to put together something of value; something that does not play towards one specific audience, but rather a story that can be understood by, and is spiritually and intellectually stimulating to, every viewer. Our intention is to cause anyone who watches it to question/reconsider what they believe about the justice of war or the permissibility of violence (assuming that they find war to be justified and violence permissible, as many in the world do). It will also seek to discover how violence has crept into all the major world religions over time. 

We believe that we can piece together a powerful story; one that will enlighten the disillusioned; prove that using violence to fight violence is not a long term or winning strategy; and show how regular people can, as Martin Luther King Jr. said, conduct "dynamically active resistance - passive physically but strongly active spiritually" to counter violence with peace.

It is very important that our logo replace many of the negative visions/memories that exist of "peace movements" by creating a visual/image that will bring about thoughts/visions of strength through NON-PASSIVE, hyperactive nonviolence. WE ARE NOT PACIFISTS, and we believe that hyperactive nonviolence is a viable solution to solving many problems, but it will take a re-branding to have any sort of chance at reaching a much larger audience. This logo needs to represent "the strong man" (referencing Martin Luther King, Jr. referring to the Christian philosophy of turning the other cheek as "the method of the strong man not the weak man"). It needs be something that anyone on the political spectrum can put on their bumper or window; something that represents true strength (as apposed to what the world/Hollywood teaches/shows as strength). This contest is for a logo which will be used for our website, social media, shirts, stickers, etc. WE DO NOT WANT THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE IN THE LOGO. We hope to make a large impact with our film, and we expect and currently have a lot of support, so please put your heart and mind into whatever it is you create!

Just to give you an idea of who we are: I am the Director and Co-Producer of this project. At my day job I work with and around the military, and I am not a pacifist; however, I do believe that using violence to combat violence is not a long term solution to our problems. I also believe that the government has no business In changing the hearts and minds of people; that is up to us. One of the goals of this project is to force the audience to ask themselves tough questions about violence. My other colleagues are successful entrepreneurs and accomplished academics. We look forward to seeing what you create for this very important project.

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  • @jlhensle Please check my last design


    [ JOBZ ] #267
    • @Jobzz I like your original the very best. The design in the lead is ahead due to the man and the arc, which my team really likes.

    • @jlhensle No problem, with my last idea I just focus in a lot of elemets that you talk in the contest and brief. The medal represents the courage (just like Luther King) and honor that all the active non violence people have.


      [ JOBZ ]

    • @jlhensle I hope the team can see this idea. And if they are not comfortable with the colors, gladly I will change. KIND REGARDS [ JOBZ ]

  • I change it.. how about this one? :) sorry for that.. but the other contest has change his mind he prefer the other design I have to be enhance or revised .. so no need to worry... :) #270
  • Hello @jhensle:

    Please take a look at #250. Just one comment: very sad to see that a lot of "designers" just come at the end, and apply ideas that were worked with you in all the contest, and only apply the elements that they see you like.


    [ JOBZ ]
    • @Jobzz I understand. Maybe next time a blind competition is better. In any case, it's up to my whole team to decide on one - very tough decision as we all have our favorites.

    • @jlhensle Still looking for a good element... I'm thinking in this 20 min...

  • A design that is very easy to apply in any surface.

  • here .. adjusted a littlre bit more.. :) #239
  • here... how about this one? :) #237
  • I have revised the design, please check.
    and do not hesitate if you have any other requests.
    I am ready.
    Thank you.
    regards #228
  • Zoomed look. #227
  • This one's my favourite. Have a look please. I hopes increases my ratings. Thanks. @ jlhensle #225
  • About #51, @rizzqi Any way you can remove the stripe in the middle of this one - so it doesn't look like a stripe (militaristic). I'm trying to find a balance between the courage of the unarmed man and the soldier.
    • About #51, @jlhensle okay.. Thanks..

  • About #110, Worked really hard on each and every design you asked for. Hope to win this. :)
  • About #203, @jlhensle Please have a look at it. Sword is shattered by blade which shows that the positive force can shatter weapons and there is no need of them.
  • Hi @jlhensle, please take a look at #212


    [ JOBZ ] #212
  • Another one with a little bit change in colours. Thanks #207
  • Did what you said. :) #204
  • Here you go. :) #203
  • About #146, @jlhensle Sure, I will give it a try. Thanks :)
  • About #145, @jlhensle Changings are done. Have a look please. Any more changes are welcomed. Thanks.
  • it's My Design, Please Rated.... #174
  • Hello @jlhensle, seems that you already have a winner... Any feedback? #151