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Great job very happy with the graphic designers and their attention to detail. I will definitely use Design Contest for future needs.

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Winning design #68 by acid, Logo Design for Positive Influence Apparel Contest
Gold Medal

designed by acid

Project description

Positive Influence Apparel is a new start up clothing company of fashion t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and hats. Our fabrics, design and quality is top notch. Our concept is you look good and feel good when you wear our products. I am looking for a logo that is simple for the consumer to remember (a) with logo and company name as well (b) with just the logo as a stand alone. I do not want any "image" that indicate positive (like + signs). My target customer can be from 16 years old and up so the logo needs to be simple, but can fit my demographic of customers.

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  • don not like or understand this logo
    • well... okay :) could you please eliminate my design in that case? i might use it elsewhere. z

  • About #11 & #12 I changed the color of the original logo in design #12. And Number #11 I tried to incorporate a letter a in the logo. I hope you like the changes and if you would like to see anything else just let me know. Also feedback and rating is welcomed. Thanks, Squewheet
  • interesting where's the "A" in the logo?
    • Well when I designed it I didn't think of the a. But I will try to come up with some thing that has the a in it.

  • interesting, 1) looks like an R instead of a P 2) can you revise it so the initials are going upwards not downwards.
    • Hi, I made another one sort of based on the first design. Please let me know what you think.

  • looks like PA to me
  • i see the "P" and "A" but not the "I" to make PIA
  • looks like IPA, not PIA
  • do not understand the logo?
  • interesting, can you center positive influence (do not bold influence) and place apparel below and in a smaller size. as a second option can you do the same as above but no spacing between positive and influence. Thank you
  • Hello there! :) #1 is my first entry in your contest, how do you like it? I've tried to make a simple yet stylish, beautiful logo and this is what I came up with. Zoli
  • Looks like a logo I have seen before. Also too sports driven with the tail.
    • thank you for the feed back ill have another design soon for you

  • Hi rapantell 13, I am uploaded now #22, #23, #24 and #25, open for your thinking. I think that one can be on T-shirt #24, think that you need a clearly font style. Thanks, krisdesign
  • Looks like IPA
  • I like your concept but where is the "A" in the logo?
  • Hello, What are some images that represent positivity to you? This would help a lot with the design process. For instance, a smile, people in unity, etc. I'd love to start this project. - Marvel
  • too busy, need to be able to read the logo when it is reduced to a smaller for neck label.
  • Where's the "A" for Apparel?
    • Oh, I guess I didn't realize that Apparel was a necessary part of the name....Would you like me to incorporate the A into this logo or do you not like this idea altogether?

  • interesting but your missing the cut out circle in the P
    • hi, that was intentional so it matched with the `A`. While the dot in `A` belongs to `I`. Anyway, I reworked it and make the `P` look like normal P. Hope it works.

  • This logo does not work, your two previous ones are much better and easier to read.
  • interesting, can you please send this separately without the maroon triangle next to the "A" and bring the word apparel closer together. Apparel does not have to be the same length as Positive influence as long as it is centered.