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Winning design #29 by Sandar, Logo Design for Pragmatic Labs, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Sandar

Project description

This would be a logo for a custom software development consulting company. We create enterprise level software solutions, have been going for a while but want to make a brand and try to expand. We are based in the northwest in Portland, OR. So we are looking for something northwest themed, technical and professional. We even talked about maybe having something subtle to do with Labradors to tie into the "Labs" name, loyal, positive, etc.

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  • Very nice. Thank you.
    • Hello, thank you for appreciating my design. Tell me if you wanna change color, font, or anything. I also uploaded new entry, hope you like it. Thank You

  • Thank you for your submission. I think this one is a little too simple with the picture too small for the whole logo.
  • I like this one too. Again, I would like to see the font changed a little for the A's. Like the other logo, I think it is neat how the logo incorporates the P and the L. Thank you.
  • I like this. I think the colors are good. I would suggest changing the font a little bit to one were the A's have the horizontal line. Maybe make the lines in the circular logo a little thicker?
  • This is neat. I like the idea of what I interpret as green land and trees with blue sky and some technology wires in there. Could you build on that a little bit and make the picture more of the logo? Thank you!
  • I think this looks clean and I like the incorporation of the lab. I think I would like something with more of a shape for a logo, though. Could you make a change to incorporate more of a picture along with it instead of text only? Thank you!
  • Hello, thank you for your quick entry. I rated this one low only because I am having trouble understanding what it is. At first it looked like the globe, but then I was not sure. It might be just me?
  • Interesting but I am not very fond of the black color or the tadpole. I think it's a tadpole. Thank you for the entry, please try another if you are able.
  • Hi CH, I have submitted a design #21. Please check the design and give feedback. Thank You
  • Hello CH! Ive submitted #49 and I need your feedback!
  • Thank you for your submission. This style isn't quite what we had in mind, though.
  • I have submitted #77 and i need your feedback. Thank you
  • Dear CH Please check my new entry #112 and feedback. thanks