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Winning design #59 by strdesign, Logo Design for precision faucets Contest
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designed by strdesign

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Precision is dedicated to designing and delivering beautiful products that last a lifetime. Precision offers a variety of bathroom and kitchen faucets, bathroom showering products and decorative accessories. Precision kitchen and bathroom fixtures combine quality and style to perfectly match your home decor.

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  • Hi Again. #11 shows the faucet in the top, Also I used a blue closer to the one you suggested in the brief. Please tell me if im going the wrong direction, Thanks, Creatitivitron
  • Dear CH, About #10. My design is made to symbolize water flowing down from the faucet. Also four of the corners are going inward so show precision and direction towards a point. I hope you like it. Thanks
  • Dear CH, Please see entries #5 and #6. They are identical designs with only the words "FIXTURES" and "FAUCETS" being different. Any feedback you have is appreciated. Thanks! cmkenerly
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #4 for your review. I tried to keep a sharp, minimal look to the logo to complement the name "Precision". I look forward to hearing your feedback.
  • Hello CH, I the logo for #25 represents a faucet and its shadow , but I also wanted it to look like an eye to represent accuracy and precision. I will be waiting for feedback. Thank you, Creativitron
  • CH, do you have any suggestions for revisions on #4?
  • I liked the font, Can you change the image of the P? when I look at this image, it remind me of Donald Trump and not that a image of Faucets.
  • I wonder what will it looks like as a logo on the faucets? Can you make some revision?
  • Hi fesa your design really standout, I like it. Can you make a few revisions? thank you Terry Cheng
  • Hi Please have a look at my entries, and have some feedback. #38, #39, #40 and #41. And a note: are you sure we are allowed to put mockups on products (sinks, faucets?) I got infringement on that on other contest the other week. Cheers
  • Hi again #72 and #73 are more simple and with a strong P as you wanted. Cheers Andrei
  • I've changed the font #61. I hope you like it. I apologize for not being able to post one by one, due to limited upload desing. but do not worry, I will give you all the design at the and. also do not forget I still have to make improvements in the next step if I win the project. thank you
  • Any comments on number #51? Thanks. I can change anything.
  • The circle looks nice, the P inside the circle looks funny and small. don't know how to keep the circle and still have the P look bold and strong.
  • Hi Fesa, Can you post the design individually? I can't common on them, since It's hard for me to tell you which one. for now the top one is good, the right most on the top line is interesting too. can you make some revision on the font?
  • Designers! Please no mockups allowed in logo contests unless the contestholder has requested this, the entry should be the logo design entry only
  • I made a mockup for you. It represents the logo on afaucet engraved or padprinted, as well as on a lavatory. Please be kind and have a look at #50. I will do something simpler as requested too, but i want to know if your products are faucets (and steel inox accesories) or lavatories or both? Thank you Andrei
  • Hi Hi Thanks for feedback I agree with #38 and #39 being complicated i wanted to have a stylish elegant look sith the detailed decoratoins The other two aren't more complicated than some other rated entries i will upload them put a faucet mockup for you to see. I'll also work on something simpler meantime. Cheers
  • #4 logo, I like how clean and sharp it looks, I know it should represent a drop of water, but if you just glance over it looks too much like and antenna
  • # 25 design, logo is too complicated.