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Winning design #113 by DanaGraphics, Logo Design for precision laser Contest
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designed by DanaGraphics

Project description

Precision Laser is in medical beauty industry, we do wrinkle removal, sun spot removal, hair removal.

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  • Hello! I've submitted design #5. Please let me know what you think about it. Thanks.
  • About #30 Hello, CH! I submitted this entry for your review. Didn't use any font for the icon "P" , typography is original, and I made a face under it. Please tell me if you got problems with this one, or if you want me try anything else for you. Thank you, and GOD Bless! :)
  • too hard to read
  • I'm not sure why there is a upside down tie shape, what does it represent?
  • need to sharp it up
  • Hi All, I'm looking for a clinicial look, think of hospital. clean, sharp, beautiful.
  • CH, Submitted entry #11. Would appreciate some feedback. Thanks, dlbonanno64
  • it take some hard looks to realize that it's a face but on the first impression its a very confusing figure, can you simplify it?
    • About #37 I already updated #36 with this one. I remain using the same eye, cuz I want the face to look passionate, simple, and a little formal/serious, or something like that. The decreasing circles actually represents the "flaws" you're about to remove/minimize. Just tell me if you want me try anything else for you. This is the last design I can submit for now cuz I have a limit of only 5 designs... Sorry to interrupt you with that, but I'm still willing to make any changes of this if you want to. MORE POWER!!! :)

    • the first impression is the woman with mustache, after a few seconds I realized it a beautiful face, but the first impress counts.

  • Dear CH, i have updated my design #38. Please let me know what you think :) Thank you
    • Hi Luzi, it's a little too busy, looking for clinical looks.

  • Hi CH, Any feedbacks about Entry #35? Thanks in advance.
    • very creative, but not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for simple, soft, logo, it's for a beauty, laser clinic.

    • Hi CH, i made it simple, This is the revised logo #45. Any feedbacks on it. Thanks. :)

  • Hello, CH! I submitted entry #36 for your review. T'was an update to #34. I change the face to make it more showy but remain the icon "P" which stands for Precision... Please tell me if you want me try another design for you... Thanks for the feedback. GOD bless! :)
  • Can you try a different head/face in the design?
    • Sure, but do I also have to change the icon "P" as hair of the image? Or I can still use it?

  • can you please make it more clinical look while keep the pretty face.
    • sure, will see what i can come up with and post it asap :)

  • too corporate look, too manly
  • lol scary looking logo
  • good looking logo, can you please try some different font on the lettering?
    • Dear CH, thank you.. would you like to give me some suggestions for my new designs?? thanks.

  • Your design is very similar to this other designer's work _
  • Can you please design the logo with the same face look with a more easily read font?thank you
    • hi terrycheng, please check out my new variations for the design, it's under #98, #99 & #100. your feedback is appreciadted thank you. have a great day :) -friendnand

    • |--|

      friendnand wrote:
      hi terrycheng, please check out my new variations for the design, it's under #98, #99 & #100. your feedback is appreciadted thank you. have a great day :) -friendnand
      |--| submitted another design option under #101. i hope you like it :) thank you, friendnand

  • You are not allowed to use exisitng designs in logo contests.Source: _
  • Hello CH. Please evaluate my projects # 90 # 91 # 92 # 93 # 94. I made a stylized face and delicate, where the hair forms the letter'' P'' precision. It's a brand slim, delicate, beautiful. Thank you for your attention.