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Great experience... we do recommend not rushing into contests without reading all the info for Contest Holders... we did not, and as a consequence we had a little bit of friction with some designers. Specifically: if you delete a design, they lose their points for it (we deleted some designs simply to "clear our desk") and also some designers feel it is our responsibility - not theirs - to report similar designs as knock-offs. All in all, some amazing talent. Tons of submissions. Very satisfied with our results. Great designers in our Top 10. We found a design that really works with our line of products. All the best!

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Winning design #375 by andreiajalkh, Logo Design for Premium Supplements for Men Need Sophisticated Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by andreiajalkh

Project description

We are looking for a logo to be used on ÜberMan products... mainly supplements for improved performance in the cognitive, phyisical and sexual aspects of modern men's lives. We want the logo to include the name ÜberMan, as well as the slogan "high performance for men." We do not have a preference for the capitalization of the company name, so feel free to experiment (ÜberMan, Überman, ÜBERMAN, no capitals at all, etc). Our product is expensive to make and pricy to consumers. Design should reflect the following adjectives to the extent possible: Elegant, Sophisticated, High Quality, High End, Guaranteed, Premium, Finest, Clean, Clear, Honest / Frank, Bold, With Weight / Stature, Minimalist.

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  • About entry # 90 & # 91. Hi, the logo concept conveys high end products, the design is minimalist its bold and clean. please let me know if you need some changes. Thank you
  • dear contest holder, as you recommended, i added a version in gold color and removed the final point. if you have any other suggestion, just let me know. thank you.
  • no backgrounds or mockups allowed unless requested by the contestholder
  • Dear CH, #61 & #63 Thought: "über" for over/upper/super .. so .. why not a solid wordmark which first letter resembles exactly that: UP .. upper .. super ... and even resembles a man's symbol .. and even more: a masculine se*ual power .. all in a modern, simplistic yet professional style. Hope you like it. Best regards, -- jjy
  • Contest Holder, Hello and thank you for visiting Design Contest for your logo needs. I've developed this logo with cleanness in mind and believe it would convey the desired image of your products well. The performance level bars form a "UM" to represent the company name. Thank you!
  • ch, About #58 and #59. I decided to get unique here and hand draw a "man" symbol with the U inside. This symbolizes the company name in one strong logo. I also used an attractive metal texture as you can see. The difference between the two submitted entires is that #59 has a slight gradient level to shows the metal as being hit by a light source. I also increased the size of the arrow to conform the logo more. Dina
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH
  • Backgrounds are not allowed unless requested by CH
  • This is a premium/expensive product... instead of the green colour could we try with an elegant version of blue, red/wine, silver or gold? and let's add more weight, something that makes it look more solid. (and please remove the final point)
  • Could you use a different font type? (more minimalist)
  • cad
    Dear Contest Holder, I have created the new one of your logo #36. It's simple, masculine, and elegant. I hope you like it.
  • Third party images
  • I would hope that the other designers please stick to their "own" unique concepts please. Yet again why a blind contest is more appealing. Dina
  • Hi, I also add the red/whine version. Look at this #115. Like it? Regards, Pawel
  • Dear CH, I also submitted logo #114. It`s symbol of strong man. Arms in the shape of the letter "u". The whole is enclosed in a circle of "man" simbol. Hope you like this. Regards, PaweÅ‚
  • Dear CH, I submitted logo #113. This is clean and simple. Hope You like. If you any sugestion for this a want to work with them. Regards, Pawel
  • Third party images not allowed.
  • Dear CH, #37 , #43 , #45, #139 has been revised to #161, Thanks For this opportunity!
  • Dear CH, #37, #43, #45 has been revised to #139, Thanks For this opportunity!