Preservation Co. Or Preservation Company

Great experience! loved my results. One great thing about Design contest is that you have so many artist working on a single effort. Paying one designer to create a logo or something you generally any get a couple of concepts. Here you get many conceptual ideas to build on. I definitely recommend guaranteeing the contest pay and forgoing the money back guarantee. You will get more results.

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Winning design #262 by GAKA, Logo Design for Preservation Co.   Or    Preservation Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GAKA

Project description

Looking for a 1700's or 1800's Looking sign. This would be on our Business sign, on trucks, on business cards, t-shirts, etc. 

the wording to use is Preservation Co. or Company. In smaller text it will need to say  -Architectural Antiques & Supply- also possibly a slogan "building with history" I imagine the wording being black the background being a cream or off white but some of you may have better ideas.  

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  • make preservation co. straight like #111 #273
    • About #273, @thepreservationco
      sure sir..

  • can you make the words preservation co. straight, without the flare in the middle? #268
  • can you connect the lines in these four places #268
    • About #268, @thepreservationco
      Sure sir..

  • on both design #261 and #262 can you make preservation co. straight , without the flare.. Can you also make the top and bottom line terminate into the piece of hardware instead of making a third line around the left and right ends. thanks #261
    • About #261, @thepreservationco
      Sure sir.. i will update ASAP. please waiting..

  • THANK YOU #265
  • THANK YOU #264
  • Dear Sir,
    I hope you like my designs, please feedback, I am ready to revise .... greeting me .. #262
  • THANK YOU #258
  • Can you also fix the spacing between the R V A &T? those spaces look a little bigger. #199
    • About #199, @thepreservationco
      Sure CH .. i will update ASAP. please waiting...

  • Please feedback,,thank you #250
  • with the bolder line #249
  • check and give me your feedback, hope u like it sir. #246
  • can you put the words "Building With History" underneath? #29
  • shift all words down to the center of the boarder. #111
  • can you put a (.) after Co. ? please #111
  • can you put a dot here like #118 #111
  • can you put a dot here like #118 #111
  • can you put double lines around the center piece like you did in #78? #199
  • Could you make the words "architectural Antiques & supply like the ones in #39 ? #199
  • could you put a (.) after Co. #199