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Seamless. Fast.Responsive. Professional and overall just more than i expected. The designers were quick to make the changes i was looking and i am very happy with the final product. The designer who won the contest worked very pleasantly with me. He communicated and made all the modifications requested in a very timely manner. I will definitely be using his services again and i will recommend this service to all my clients. Thank you for awesome service. Kind regards, P.S

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Winning design #76 by yunus, Logo Design for Pretty Segwai Contest
Gold Medal

designed by yunus

Project description

I am a writer, speaker and consultant.Please note that i would like the title: GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION STRATEGIST to be used in the logo instead of the (writer,speaker and consultant). For any symbolism in the logo, i love globes and any creative world map that can combine elements of my initials, or any representation you deem appropriate with the theme will be much appreciated. The key thing is for the brand Pretty Segwai to stand out. I would like an elegant Design to use on all my promotional materials including the website, as well as my video blogs. I am in the process of starting a contest for the personal website but first i would like a personal logo. This Logo should have interesting colors with balance. I like teal, turquoise, pink and purple...But i am open to other suggestions( so please show me more creativity beyond the colors mentioned, i respect your professional position more than my preference for colors). I would like to be able to animate the elements of the logo in my videos, so i would appreciated files submitted to be compatible with my future use of the logo. As designers, please do your very best to WOW me. The idea is to WOW me with your own interpretation of the brief, not duplications from other designers. After some eliminations i will communicate with designers privately and more specifically. I have extended the days for this contest because i am looking for the best design possible. From here i have 3 other Logo designs lined up, and i hope to hire the same designer to ensure consistency in all the brands i am working with. Again, good luck to all of you.

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  • ....yeah i can visualize looks simply amazing :-)) #78
  • About #78, @yunus
    thanks mam u like my desing
  • i used the pink as the one in your brief, for the black - if i may suggests to think also on grey .i think it goes better with the other colors and it is more subtle. i used here a dark grey.
  • somehow there is a lot going on here. Your previous one needed a few changes, and is more elegant. But this looks dull and cluttered. #72
    • About #72, @prettysegwai sure..thanks will dig into the previous direction

  • The colors aren't bright enough #72
  • I love the white, its nice and clean. But what if this was placed on a solid color what would that look like? Please feel free to explore those. And also suppose i did that on a business card what would that look like? Remember these are just questions, you provide me your rationale given how i would like to use the logo across board. Otherwise, this is amazing. I will show you the logo for my company and you might understand why i love this. #69
  • About #72, @inbe I saw u had "a thought" about those 3 elements so i try them again.
    at first i thought of using 3 elements to represents your 3 services- writer speaker & consultant. and also as elements that will work good in animation as instructed in your brief
  • I am wondering if this part won't disappear on the website...what if you made it Black??? or another visible long as you still maintain the balance. #69
  • I am wondering if this part won't disappear on the website...what if you made it Black??? or another visible long as you still maintain the balance. #69
  • I love the globe but i would like for it to be visible on promotional materials...posters etc. As far as i am concerned this is the logo. If you can advice me on how this can look should i make it only black and white( i still see it looking wonderful and elegant) should i choose to do so, for printing costs purposes. #69
  • I like this idea a little bit, however, the pink is slightly too much even though i like it. And i was wondering what other colors might look like, with a similar concept. And what if there was some symbol as well? #58
  • check please #64
  • check please, i made a some variation of colour #63
  • I am more into transformational Leadership Development, Motivational speaking and African Public Diplomacy(consultancy)...
  • wrong spelling of my names #17
  • wrong spelling of my name... #18
  • Somehow i love the feather...but i would like to see different variations of colors....and please try to use "Global Transformation Strategist"...instead of the titles.. #39
  • Please play around with a few colors. I love the symbol/sign....logo #40
  • You spelt my name wrongly... #18
  • Hi Yunus. I would like to see this in different colors. Some variations without the titles...could you also try writing "Global Transformation Strategist". ... #47