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Winning design #44 by DanaGraphics, Logo Design for Price Ambassador Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DanaGraphics

Project description

We're looking for a pictorial logo that will brand our website and ads. The website is primarily targeted for spanish speakers. We're an e-marketplace, and operate as an intermediary between users online. Our ADN is SECURITY. Our objective is to democratize sales on the internet, while emphasizing our commitment to safe transactions through our website. We're looking for pictorial designs that complement the theme of a "shopping cart" so as to evoke the feel of a "marketplace," with the theme "safe shopping." We welcome ideas that innovate on the aforementioned concepts, in original and exciting ways. In terms of colors, we suggest you complement ORANGE with BLUE, with blue dominating the overall design. However, we're open to other color interplays, which take into account the colors green, red, blue and orange. Good luck!

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  • Thank you for your submission, Dana Graphics. We'd be interested on you working more on the "security" detail of it. However, we'd like to praise you for delivering a solid logo that captures the "shopping cart" aspect we're looking for. Please work on another draft that evokes more "security" / "safe shopping" without losing the simplistic feel you evoke on this draft.
    • Thank you for your feedback. I'll work on some more variations according to your comments, and submit them shortly. Thanks! Dana

    • Thank you for your new submissions. We'll get back to you shortly.

    • DanaG, we once again praise you for delivering. We very much like what you have submitted, specially they way you've innovated from your original design, namely through #12 and #15. Your other variations, as well, capture what we're looking for. We'd like you to take a risk by submitting a picture logo, that could define us regardless of a name. That is to say, discard the text. We're looking forward to it.

    • Thanks again for a very helpful feedback. I'll work on the pictoral marks and submit new entries later today.

    • Please check #21 #22 #23. They are examples of styles of pictoral marks, but of course that every graphic element in all my other entries can stand alone as is, without the text. Please let me know what you think and if there's anything else you would like to see. Thanks!

    • Agreed. Thank you very much for your new submissions. We'll get back to you soon, so far we're very interested on #12.

  • Hello CH, i have a doubt, the name of the company is in english or in spanish?
    • Hi yjoleane, sorry for the confusion. We're not keen on choosing the name as of yet, we're interested on the LOGO - the names mentioned on the brief serve as a starting point for you to innovate on. So, to answer your question, the name does not matter - the logo and the way you integrate either of the names mentioned on the brief to it, matter. In other word, we're interested on you delivering a solid logo that manages to capture the themes mentioned on the brief in an original, and exciting way.

  • Thank you for your submission. We would be interested on viewing the same design, however with different colors, as we suggested on the pallete mentioned in the brief. We would want you to consider solid colors instead of chromatic colors.
  • Ccboy, we very much like #1. You manage to complement the themes we are looking for. However, we feel that, as it stands, it resembles an antivirus brand. Could you work on it a bit more?
  • Thank you for your submissions, Miche. We like what we see so far. Maybe you could submit a pictorial mark version for these?
    • Thank you! :) I have uploaded a version of just the symbol for your consideration.

    • Precisely. Though you can also do the picture, and the text. You could do both, namely one solely with the picture, the other with the text. Best of luck!

  • DanaG, so far we are very interested on this logo. Good job. However, we need you to balance the typography with the logo. That is to say, give the text more weight. We look forward to your new submission.
    • Thank you for the feedback and rating. If you would like to see anything else, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks!

    • DanaG, congratulations on winning the contest! Please send us the file on illustrator to the following address: Thanks!

  • Can feedback and evaluation of my entries. Thank you.