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Winning design #28 by pozil, Logo Design for Priced Right Heating and Cooling Contest
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designed by pozil

Project description

we are looking to redo our company logo. I would like to include a caricature similar to the chilly willy penguin maybe holding a tool box. colors need to be bright red white and blue almost cartoon like. i really would like something with a retro feel also

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  • Hi there! I've changed the penguin and also uploaded new design options, so you may see different variations. I hope you'll like the new style of pinguin and fonts. #34
  • update.. #28
  • everything else looks great thanks #27
  • can you remove the white outline around the penguin so it goes from penguin to background color? #27
  • Hi.. sorry for the delay. here it is please check again. many thanks :-) #27
  • i like how this one has a slight angle to this one compared to #17 #11
  • this top one is my other favorite. the penguin is the right size. it goes from penguin to background color with no white outline around him. just need it to have tool box instead of wrench and the light blue background. #11
  • i like this top design and the other one with the circle #11 top. i like the blue background but i like how this one goes from penguin to background color without having a white outline around peguin. i like this penguin size better. some of them the penguin is getting too big compared to the text. needs to have tool box instead of wrench #10
  • Hi everybody. thanks again for working on this for me. i was very excited about 22 and 23 until i realized it is a direct copy of the real Chilly Whilly penguin. I only mentioned him for an example. Please do not copy it directly. I don't want to have any copyright trouble. I still like the text on 17 and 18 and like its penguin a lot also. i do like how the penguin is drawn on 22 and 23 as far as how clean and sharp he is but cant use a direct copy. Thanks again everybody.
    • @pricedrightkc Sorry for that! I thought you meant the exact one, like Chilly Willy. I will change penguin of course.

    • @SobakaPavlova THanks. i did like your design. looking forward to seeing your new stuff. thanks

  • i like the other ones better. i like both 10 and 11 outlines and text. like the blue background on newer ones. #24
  • other option, lease check again :-) #24
  • many thanks for feedback, here my reviion. please check again :-) #17
  • happier #14
  • Hi, I've just submitted a design, would you be so kind and give it some feedback? It would be greatly appreciated! #10
    • @pozil So far these are my favorites. you did a great job with using retro in the design. the penguin looks great and happy too. not crazy about the green. this will evolve into a truck wrap, business cards and brochures. im trying to stick with reds, whites and blues, maybe a light blue background or no color background. thanks

    • @pozil Hi Pozil. i like the way your penguin has his left arm with the thumbs up. instead of him holding a wrench could we try his right hand down by his side holding a red tool box. thanks

  • i would like to slightly change things. i think maybe the wrench was a bad idea. i would like to change it to the penguin holding a tool box. thanks
  • hi pricedrightkc! i have several options for your choice, what do you think your opinion is important to me. if you need any change look forward to. with respect to christine. thank you.
    • @Kristina2912 Hi Kristina. thanks for trying but i think they look like the images are just layered on top of each other such as the wrench. 10 and 11 are very close to what i am looking for if that helps

  • i really like 10 and 11. could i see one with a light blue background and one with clear background.thanks
  • Needs to be a penguin not a man