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Winning design #28 by landrum75, Logo Design for Primal Fitness & Nutrition Contest
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designed by landrum75

Project description

Primal Fitness & Nutrition is an Austin, TX based health/fitness consulting group that extends nation-wide for online training programs, meal plans and diet-specific health orientation. Locally, we offer in person training, boot camps and massage therapy, as well as corporate wellness programs for companies with 50 or less employees. Our design is more of a "whole body health" initiative. It is very primal, and we incorporate the paleolithic diet to 75% of clients. We focus on natural movements (climbing, jumping, crawling, running, squatting) and encourage fitness outdoors where we are instinctively meant to be active. We are considered more of a holistic health group focusing nutrition initiatives to obtain health and fitness goals. It all starts with basic nutrition, thus leading to natural movements and healing (massage, acupuncture, herbal supplements). But I would say that the majority of our design should focus around nutrition and natural/outdoor movements. We use kettlebells, olympic bars, ropes and the outdoors: trails, rocks, trees, hills. Minimalist ideals. We encourage high protein diets with emphasis on vegetables... then fruit. Hope this helps! Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • Dear CH, I have submitted #4 and #5.... Thank you, DM
  • Hi CH, I hope you like my designs #2 and #3 . Please let me know if I am going in the right direction. Thank you, Creativitron
  • About #1: Hi CH, Thank you for the opportunity to design your new logo. Please let me know your thoughts regarding design #1. I will be happy to make any sort of modifications for you in terms of font, colors, or concept, or start over if you do not like the direction this logo is going. Just let me know! Thanks!
  • Dear CH, this is my concept for your logo design #31. Looking forward for your feedback. Thanks, Best Regards
  • Hello Contest Holder, Please find my new designs uploaded: #37, #38, #39 and #40. Please tell me if you like the designs. Thanks & Regards, Premiumlogo
  • About #25: Thanks for your feedback. I chose the heart not because it appeals to women; rather, because it seems like a symbol that represents nutrition and fitness well.
  • too girly. men workout here too!
  • Dear CH, I hope you like my incorporation of both nutrition and fitness on #30 , Please let me know if you want any changes. Thank you, Creativitron
  • Thank you for the feedback CH, I have submitted #26, #27, #28 #29 for you to take a look at. All of them are on a white background like requested and 2 have a smaller p. I look forward to your thoughts. Thank you so much!!! Sara
  • I can't decide if I like the P capitolized or not! Also, can I see this with a white background? I'd like to be able to print on tshirts and hats etc.
  • Hmmm.... I like this whole idea. I am not a fan of the font and definitely want "fitness & nutrition" emphasized.
  • i like the design but I prefer the 'fitness and nutrition' part be emphasized.
  • Thank you SOOO much for the points CH!!! here is another idea for your logo #21 Sara
  • Thank you for the feeback on # 14. I resubmitted #19.
  • Thanks so much CH, please don't forget to give your designers points. We all work hard for them even if is just a few :) Thank you so much for your feed back!!!! Sara
  • I really like the arrow concept! Very cool. Not a fan of the font though.
  • this one is neat. i like the concept of incorporating food and nature in the words... and i like the font.
  • wow, I love both of these! Nothing I would change. I'll keep this one in mind.
  • Hi CH, Thank you so much for the nice feedback. I have made the feather a bit smaller as you requested. Please take a look at #15 and #16. I'd be happy to make any changes you would like to see. Any points would be really appreciated. Thank you so much! Sara
  • LOVE this font!