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Winning design #64 by arx, Logo Design for Primary Imperative Contest
Gold Medal

designed by arx

Project description

Design a logo for a company promoting good works and human advancement.  Significant colors are blue, green, and purple (Does not have to include all three.).  Example of current company projects: publishing philosophy, children's books and news, as well as software development and manufacturing.  Word association for inspiration: humanity, guiding light, cooperation, virtue, steadfast, comfort, north star, respect, open arms, and pioneer.  Any one, or combination, of those words should point you in the direction of what I'm looking for.    

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  • Dear Sir,

    Please check my designs and provide feedback, thank.

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  • "the Time value part of the Cooperation" concept, another color style modern and sophisticated. #80
  • "the Time value part of the Cooperation" #79
  • hey i will explain the design concepts that I made this,
    1. the logo I created a child and an adult who shook hands, it defines cooperation, comfort or kindness.
    2. I include the logo in circles from small to large I mean also the cooperation will produce satisfactory results.
    3. I include the logo in the star I make a crown, it means that the company will be radiated by the enchanting beauty.
    4. I include the logo in a semi-circle lines that interconnect the human, the RTI togetherness,
    5. and in my writings include the number "1" being the letter "p" that define "first".

    please i beg in check and give me feedback ... /
    thank you very much for the opportunity
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