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Winning design #52 by egner, Logo Design for Prime Homes Contest
Gold Medal

designed by egner

Project description

Prime Homes is a real estate development company and specializes in constructing and selling residential apartments and villas. Key brand attributes - Modern, stylish, professional, trustworthy. When people buy from us, they should feel proud and happy to have bought from us.

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  • 1. I do not want "Real Estate" to be mentioned anywhere. Just "Prime Homes" would do. 2. The direction looks okay but would like to see better versions.
  • Egner I really seem to like this one. Its quite elegant. I prefer this colour scheme over the blue & black that you have shared but would love it if a better color scheme could be arrived at.
    • Thanks for rating my design and feedback. I changed a little bit design. I think now it is more elegant. Plus I made more colour variations #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17.

    • Hi Egner, Can you please share #2, #3 & #4 on white background. Will probably choose one of them. Prefer this colour combination over the others.

    • Hello CH. I changed the background into the white one. Please take a look #43, #44.

    • #43, 1st one is what I prefer. It is my most preferred design as of now, will wait till the end of the contest before I choose the winner.

    • I done just separatly that #43 1st logo on one page #45.

    • Thanks egner. Can you please do the same for #44 as well? I think I like the curve more than the straight line now.

    • You are welcome. I done the changes and for this one #52.

  • Hi CH, I have uploaded designs #19, #20, #21. If you like the design and concept, can work on the color scheme. Thank you. regards binkula
    • Hi Binkula, Thanks for uploading your designs, they definitely are among the better ones. I am leaning towards some other design right now but seem to like #20 & #21 as well. If you can share some color options, it may help. Thanks

  • Don't really like it.
    • We are sorry you don't like them. If you could tell us something more about what you are looking for, we could try to design something else. Regards.

    • The brief captures it all. I am looking for a bit of elegance and class and these logos lack it.

  • Don't like it.
    • We are sorry you don't like them. If you could tell us something more about what you are looking for, we could try to design something else. Regards.

  • Sir, Are you looking for logo type or stylised Prime Homes?
    • I am okay with anything as long as it looks good. I have no predetermined bias towards anything.

  • Too sporty in my opinion. Wouldn't be suitable for a real estate brand.
  • Need more color options here. Dark brown is not something I would like to use in the logo.
  • I guess everyone is following the same theme of merging PH into a symbol and mentioning the text below it. A deviation from this theme would also be welcome.
  • I know my design #25 has misspelling. If it needs other changes let me know to correct them, and send again.
  • Hi CH Please rate my work Draft #25, and let me know what you think about it? thanks.
  • Don't like the design.
  • Dear CH, Thank you for your feedback. As you have asked, I have submitted the color proposals for my designs #20 and #21. Kindly go through the designs #46 to #51. Hope these designs are inline with your vision. Kindly give feedback. regards binkula
    • Thanks binkula. I will take the call in a day or so.

    • You are most welcome. Thank You for showing interest in my design. regards binkula

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