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Need a logo design for our start up paper manufacturing company. We are growing rapidly and looking to develop a BRAND image that represents our company name. "Priority Paper" is focused on delivering high quality paper supply products to merchants of all types and sizes. Final design should represent our goal of delivering our paper products to our merchant customers as rapidly as possible. Logo could also represent the importance merchants place on these paper supplies. These supplies are vital to their continued operation, thus they are a "Priority".

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  • hi... CH... Please check my entri # 45 and # 46, Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks
  • Hello again, i submitted my entry #36 and was wondering what colors you like?
  • Hi CH, I have a question. What kind of paper is being delivered is it recycled or freshly made paper?
    • We sell both kinds.

  • HI CH, Design #13 and #14 is for your eyes. Hope it is near to you. Please provide me some feedback to improve it much more. Kind Regards...
  • tracing existing art is not allowed in logo contests
  • Hi I uploaded #91 for your kind consideration. Regards andrei
  • Hello CH, Please have a look at entry #73 and #74. The first one uses paper airplane as a symbol, which has been stylized to look like a lapel pin (like pilot's wings) which adds a vibe of exclusivity, i.e. priority club. The second uses the same symbol with a focus on speed of delivery by having the paper airplane flying. The sky-trail is the letter P. Hope you like these. Please don't hesitate to comment or request modifications. Thanks for having a look, Victor Fdez
  • Hi CH! I am kind of confused about your preferences in the logo. Do you want a logo with a stamp feeling same as files which are attached at the brief? tet+
    • I'm starting to think the stamp is the best option for a logo. It will make it easily recognizable. The 2 green stamps that I uploaded are my favorites.

    • Ok! I just was thinking if I could design just the "P" character and to give it a letter feeling. Are you open to this concept? I may design both the concepts and than I can show you so you can decide which one looks better for you, right? tet+

    • I'm still favoring the "stamp" concept but if you would like to do both that will be fine. Thanks.

    • Hello CH Except the "stamp" concept is there any logo you can compare the new logo you are after of. I submitted one with the fast wing concept but It was eliminated. I see the high rating is the one with the paper plane. I think the p with the wings is a good concept to represent the fast. Like the wings at the mail that represent fast delivering same would worked for your company logo. Think about this! tet+

  • Hi CH, #102 & #103 are my two entries. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
    • I'm favoring the stamp concept over the letter. I have uploaded a few samples that I would like to do a play on. I especially like the green ones.

    • Great, based on the direction I will work on a concept for you. Btwn: any thoughts on #103? I tried to make it in the stamp feel direction.

    • Its a little plain. I like the 2 green ones I uploaded so I'm looking for something a little closer to those. Perhaps give it some shadowing or a 3 dimensional look. Something we can eventually integrate our phone number and web address into.

    • Ok, I will work on it! Will upload some options soon.

    • Hi there, #110 and #111 are some options for you. The colors can be changed as per your choice.

  • I Really like this concept for the monogram part but I'm looking for a little more in the complete logo. Can you possibly integrate what you have done so far with a "stamp" concept that I've uploaded. I prefer the look of the 2 green stamps that I uploaded. I was thinking that perhaps the "monogram" part could be the centerpiece with "Priority Paper" around the ring. Perhaps the vapor trail of the plane could even cross part of the stamp ring to give it a 3D effect. Hope this make sense. I look forward to seeing the next version. Thanks.
    • Dear CH, thank you for your feedback! Yes it makes sense, please check my newest entrys #141 and with trail escaping from stamp :) #143. #142 and #144 are just mockuop versions of same designs. By "prefer the look of the 2 green stamps" did you meant you like it more in green color or just the overall shape of it? Kind Regards Seegor

    • Excellent revisions! Just a couple more then I think we've got it. Can you shorten the vapor trails just a little, perhaps half way between the 2 versions you have done, but still slightly overlapping the ring of the stamp. Also, if you could put the opposing star under the vapor trail and make it just slightly visible beneath it. I would like to see different color schemes just to see if a different color will be more appealing. Perhaps we could try a darker green and darker blue. I wouldn't mind even seeing a version with 2 colors just to see how it looks.

    • Dear Tom, thank you! Please check newest entry's with changes you requested #156 and with additional circle added between plane and letters #160. I also submitted mockups and different color variations #158 #159 #161 #162 Kind Regards Seegor

    • Looking great. I'm thinking we need to do something with the "P" monogram. Perhaps changing the font or making the letter just slightly smaller. Or what about going slightly smaller but having 2 "P" letters overlapping underneath the plane, instead of 1, to give it some depth. I like the versions with the inner ring better too.

    • Dear Tom, here is new revision #163 Letter "P" is now smaller than on previous entry's, and as you suggested I made it with 2 letters "P"... Kind Regards

    • Excellent work! I'm ready to declare you the winner. If I come up with any minor adjustments in the next day or so I'll let you know. I want to get some feedback from a couple of people I work with first. Thanks again for the great work.

  • Hello CH, just put my second entry #119. Am I heading in a good direction? Thanks.
  • Your design found to be a way too similar to other wining design crated by other designer:; YOur entry is removed:
  • Hello CH, just put my first attempt #113. Curious to hear some feedback about my entry. Thanks.
  • GJR
    your design is too similar to the highest rated design.
  • GJR
    your design is too similar to the highest rated entry. source: