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A friend suggested I use this website. It was a great experience and helped me find exactly what I was looking for! Thank you :)

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Winning design #67 by Keosh, Logo Design for Pro mainland safety logo Contest
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designed by Keosh

Project description

Professional Mainland Safety provides services specifically to the oil and gas industry in safety training (CPR, h2s, OSHA class requirements), rents air trailers, provides drug testing, services fire extinguisher, and sales safety supplies. We are a new safety company and need a logo. I like the new green color on the JEEPs. I'd like that green with some other contrasting color that stands out (orange, white, yellow, etc). The logo can be simple, but I want the idea of "safety" or "oil" to be perceived.

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  • Hello! I have submitted Entries #11 and #12, and would love to hear your thoughts/changes you might suggest. Thank you!
  • I'd like a modern feel, not so cartoonish. I like the hard hat. Feel free to play with any color. The only color I really want for sure is the green ( I like the green of the new JEEPs)
    • Hi CH, Thank You for the feedback I just submitted #9 and #10 with more detail and reflection. Any feedback would be great! Thanks

  • About #8 sorry for the "neon" green color. I'll have to fix that. If you could provide the RGB numbers for the specific green you're looking for I'll make the adjustments for any other design I post for you. Otherwise, I hope you like them.
  • I don't like how much the yellow oil drop sticks out and the lines. I do like the detail in the shield.
    • sorry for it. do you prefer to make it all yellow for the oil drop? or just replace it with letter A instead. thanks for the suggestion.

  • I like the modern feel of this. Can you add more derail or colors?
  • I really like this logo. Can you play around with the color scheme. Maybe the make the shield black and the "SAFETY" green. I would also like to see a color variation with the "pro mainland"....maybe a lighter green or yellow. This is my favorite so far!
    • Hi, Yes, I'll do many different color schemes for you to review. Thank You

  • I like this, but I would I'm not interested in the yellow color... Also the font isn't extremely appealing to me. I like a modern feel. Maybe, instead of putting the drop in a house like object, you should put something in the drop? I want something that demonstrates "safety" a bit more
    • Thank you for your feedback. Please see #38 and #39.

  • I'd love to hear your thoughts on Entry #12, thanks!
  • This is great! Maybe add a little bit more color variation. I like the color variation #22by kwik used. It might look good on this logo. Make "Pro Mainland" larger or more spread out
    • Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestions :) #27 has the changes Please let me know if there is any other changes you would like seen. Thank You!

  • I like this, but I feel it needs more depth... maybe add a circle around the name or enclose it somehow so it sticks out? I more of a logo..not just the name
  • Nice! Can you make "pro mainland" stand out more so it doesn't blend into the green shield
  • I'm not interested in the lock, but nice art work!
  • too plain...not what I'm looking for
  • I like the color variation! I would like the shield to be more graphic, not so rounded.. Maybe add a little color to the drop or make it smaller/more defined
  • please check #50. thanks - blocpuzz. ( the letter 'A' is a derreck, with a subtle flame above incorporated into the 'O' of pro mainland. regards - bp
  • I'd like to see the emphasis reversed on the name. I want pro mainland to be the emphasis and safety to stand our less
  • I like this, but i'm not into the boxes below the drop. Also, I would like "pro mainland" to be the focal point
    • Hi, thanks for feedback. please see my update design #60

  • Thank you for all of your hard work. I'm choosing a Logo in one week. Some things I like and don't like in general: I want the logo to have PRO MAINLAND as its focal point, not Safety. My company is Safety, but is new and the safety aspect of it may change as we grow. Also, I like the green and black color variations. I would like an off green mixed in with it to give the logo some depth. I would also like a logo with more detail. I love the idea of pump jacks maybe swirled inside of an abstract shield. Just an idea. Things I don't like: Drilling Rig logo, coffee shop style logo, orange and green mixed (reminds me of halloween), red and black stripes, and i don't want "SAFETY" to be the focal point. Once again! Thank you for your hard work!!!! :)
  • I love these colors, but i don't like the black hook thing.
  • I don't like the oil drop, but if you can make the logo larger on a white back drop so I can see more detail. Maybe put the pump jacks in an oil drop. And I would like the shield to be a bit more abstract.