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Winning design #229 by nicolets , Logo Design for Professional Cellular Repair Service Seeks Professional Logo Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nicolets

Project description

As we aim to standout from competing repair shops, we will need a logo that is recognizable and striking. Be creative we have a logo now at our website but this does not feel like the right fit. Colors preferred would be black/red/silver/white. ** Prefer vectorized images, must be artists original ideas and not ripped/copied from the web. (Per the designer terms of service on

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  • A little too simple.
  • I like the use of the signal, try to use more colors suggested in writeup and give a hint of medical to it. Looks professional though.
  • Hi, This is the 2nd version of #13. I hope this is what you had in mind. Let me know if there is anything i can do to improve it. Thanks for the great rating.
  • Hi, CH please see #26 which is the variation of #5 :)
  • Dear CH About #23,#24,#25 Improvement from #6, hope you like it.
  • About#18 Dear CH, Thanks for your feedback, here is my different concept. Let me know if any change or revision. Thanks,
  • I liked the other one better, reminds me of the old style flip phones.
  • Colors look good, see feedback on design #13 a little more this direction. Thank you for your efforts so far.
  • Hey now were talkin, I like the appearance of speed with the text as we are going to offer mobile service. I also like the square, however the 1980's phone handset can go, maybe play around with how some mobile phone looking handsets would look inside there or take away the reflections and focus on defining the edges of the square to look more embedded or like a branded look, by branded I mean similar to how wood indents when pressed with a hot iron. Not implying it has to look like wood, just an anology. For the line in the text try to see if you can do a heart rythym morph from red to green circuit board. Good direction on this one.
  • Dear CH, Here is amended version #14 as requested. For the medical element is in the letter "F" (medical cross). Hope you will like it. Thanks.
  • I guess what I meant was the cross should be proportional all around instead of longer left/right top/bottom.
  • I'd like to see a revision from you utilizing the color scheme of the top entries so far. Thanks.
  • I like the idea of a separate small logo to use for a favicon on the website. To use the icon on stationary and other items though alone doesn't stand out that it would be our company. Overall good job.
  • About#12 Dear CH, This is my first entry with initial F and A as logo. Thanks,
  • dexmind, use your imagination, but keep in mind that at first glance the design should help portray cellular repair service. Thanks for the reply.
  • Dear CH May i ask you whether i should change the type or the logo
  • I like where this one is going. I'd like to see some more ideas similar to this.
  • cross has a religious overtone. Please utilize the (R) trademark symbol as well. On the right track.
  • Symbol too overbearing.
  • Try some different ideas with the icon, i like the cell signal coming from the letter "i"