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Winning design #4 by PaperSalad, Logo Design for Professional, Modern Looking Logo needed Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PaperSalad

Project description

I want a logo that is simple and clean to go along with the site that is being developed. For some reason i am thinking green and white, but am certainly open to ideas from more creative people than me. I would also like to see with and without the tagline of "A Better Way to Buy".

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  • Aryan, I like #3 better..could you try incorporating a graphic into that one?
  • PaperSalad, I like #4 and #5 more than your new entries. #10 peaks my interest, but I think the arrows are too big or something?
  • Mozart, not so sure I like the V in the front. Could you try to change that up some?
  • Sumesh, I don't like how the tag line spans the entire length of vendor feud and I'd like to see the pictorial incorporated into the name a little more.
  • Manju, I like the font but the pictorials need to be changed.
  • Hi CH I have submitted a design #24 Please check the design and give a feedback Thank You
  • Dear CH, My entries #17 and #22. Your suggestions will be very helpful. Thanks.
  • I'd like to see this without the tagline circle, maybe a different font and a graphic of some sort
  • Thank you for the timely feedback. Since you are liking this direciton, I'll post a couple more variations later this evening.
  • Thank you for giving feedback. Hope the san serif fonts are more what you are looking for. Not sure what you are looking for in terms of pictoral so I've started with a very minimalist, simplified rendering and we can always move toward something more detailed.
  • diggin it.
  • All, could i see some pictorial examples as well?
  • Aryan, could you show in a "less cute" font and brighter green?
  • PaperSalad, thank you for the entries. I am not sure i like the hard lines around the colored blocks, orange as a color or the "bikerish" type font..
  • I'm not sure I love green for the overall concept of as a company. My gut tells me a more agressive color like orange is a better fit for the competative nature of bidding. I've also added the tagline to this version.
  • I like this one. Could I see with some different colors?
  • Very creative
  • Hope you like the new color variation. I've hit the limit of 7 submissions. Good luck!
  • name is not correct ? vendorfeud!
  • Dear CH, My new entry with #39 with a different color combination. Please provide your valuable suggestions. Thank You.