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Winning design #325 by sachin, Logo Design for Professional Photographer needs new logo and branding for Boudoir Business Contest
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Thanks everyone for all of the great work! As a contest holder this has been more overwhelming than I expected. You have each provided some great ideas.

Here is where Im at right now, I feel like the first 2-3 days I got a ton of unique work with a lot of original ideas. Over the past two days I feel like the designers are taking too much inspiration from the top rated designs. I like what those designers have done but there is still the opportunity for someone to jump to the top.

Here is what you really need to know. I like the class, elegance, and style of the top designs. I don't want things that are too over the top, cartoonish, or soft. This brand will be my reputation and must stay professional, high class, and elegant.

With the next three days left in the competition I would appreciate completely unique ideas.

For this contest I need a logo for Brian Bosworth Photography

Here are some guidelines, ideas, and things I like.

This is an example of a logo I like as far as scale, layout, font, proportions

***moving forward I would like to see some designs that DO NOT INCORPORATE a B or BB into the artwork.

1. It's got to have a Victoria's Secret, Mercedes, Coach sort of feel; sexy, classy, elegant, expensive
2. It has to be masculine without a feminine feel while appealing to woman. 
3. I think I would like to incorporate some art work, image, etc. 
4. I like clean looks so think professional and expensive brands. 
5. I would like to incorporate multiple fonts, including a script font and possibly up to two more that are easier to read.  Think of primary, secondary, and tertiary. The last would be used for a couple of slogans I use. The primary slogan is "For the guy who has everything, give him the one gift he can't buy himself"
6. I think I would like some color in the work. I was thinking red, grey, black but again if you have some good ideas, feel free to pose some new color choices; the only stipulation being they need to be masculine. 
7. My site is primarily white so that is what most of the backgrounds will be. 
8. I will use this on my site, business cards, letterhead, CD covers, stickers, Facebook.
9. I need whatever you come up with to be used as a watermark as well. It must be able to be inverted to be used on dark or lite background under reduced opacity. 
10. I would need to know where to get the fonts from to use for other applications and as well as color specifications.  
11. I would hope to get layered .psd files
12. (my main site)
13. (more of my work)

I want to thank everyone in advance for all of your great ideas and hard work! I will try and give everyone as much feedback as possible. 

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  • My name is too large
  • Don't like the font for myname
  • HI CH see my revision #124. I put a very very similar font, and removed the shadow of his name. still looking for the font. I hope you like. tanks
  • Dear CH, this time i add some light effects and strech "photography", i hope you like!
  • HI CH see my revision entrie #119. I put a similar font, and removed the shadow of his name. still looking for the font. i hope you like this font. tanks
  • Hi Brian, In #117, i have removed shading from your name and also stretched the word photography. Thanks, Manju
  • Please stretch out the word photography and remove shading from my name
  • Can you remove the shading on my name, add drop shadow to the art and stretch photography out?
  • Can you stretch the word photography out and make it slightly larger. Also can I see a drop shadow on the art work?
  • HI CH about #73 tanks for your feedback I've seen the font, I'll try to find it.
  • Font is off, art is too large
  • Try the fonts. Also remove the shiny treatment from the name, possibly stretch the word photography out.
  • Of the three I like this one the best. My only issue is that I feel like this should be on a wine bottle. It probably the fonts or the scale. See this for fonts I like.
  • I like your creativity with the artwork, but I'm not in love with the fonts, here is an example of fonts I like,
  • I like this but I'm still not in love with the fonts. Could you try using the fonts in this logo?
  • I try to make it more functional with your requests! In the design #108 i change the color for give to the logo more sexy appearance! I avoided to give any light effects and shadow because that is only the base phase; I hope you like it, (and i'm so sorry for my bad english). If you have any other requests, just say it! thank you.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Elements of your design are too similar to another design's.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.