Professional, progressive spay/neuter clinic needs eye-catching logo.

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Winning design #91 by Pflummingo, Logo Design for Professional, progressive spay/neuter clinic needs eye-catching logo. Contest
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designed by Pflummingo

Project description

I would like to see a professional logo with a slant for being earth conscious and client freindly. I prefer not too cutesy but might like to see a paw prrint or other icons used. I do like the vettech design used on logo from I like earthy colors ie. blues, purples, greens but rainbow also colors done right might be cool. Surprise us!! I also want our clients to know we provide services other than just spay/neuter thus the reason for adding wellness into the header.

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  • Contest Holder, A little bit about my entry - I used paw prints as the leaves to the tree to illustrate your businesses positive impact on the environment, as well as the large number of spays/neuterings you do. Looking forward to your feedback. Kind regards.
  • I think 3 separate colors too many. We need to add a cat in there somewhere or people think we only work on dogs. People take that sort of stuff literally.
  • Like this logo too-hearts of critters should be in the right places. Think we need different color schemes
  • Here's an earthier scheme to consider.
  • I love your ideas of the name in the collars!! Would like to see a more refined look to the pets than too cartoon-like and less floating icons
  • Love the swirl effect but think the paw needs to look more like a real paw.
  • Love this logo and your ideas.A different color scheme
  • Let's try some darker colors (black) to define the logo better
  • Don't care for color scheme
  • Still love the font but not sure if most people could see the cats.
  • Colors not good match
  • I don't care for the color scheme used
  • Like the pets but think too many colors used
  • I love the dog but don't care for the color scheme
  • I like the Mash style colors but need more of a theme reflected
  • Dear Contest Holder, This is another revision of my previous design. The colors are brighter and more cheerful as well. Please let me know what you think! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • This is the second color variation.
  • Thanks for the feedback. This is the color variation you requested, and I took the opportunity to tweak the figures a bit further. Hopefully now they're a bit clearer. I added a second color variation in #25 that I thought you might like better.
  • love the colore but too bold
  • toomany colors, don't know what the icon represents