Professional Project Management company requires a fresh and innovative logo design

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Winning design #236 by davinci, Logo Design for Professional Project Management company requires a fresh and innovative logo design Contest
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designed by davinci

Project description

Our current logo promotes the three strands of our business through corresponding coloured squares - project management is blue, cost consultancy is green and Health and Safety is red. We would like to keep this association within our new logo. The font must suitably portray our professionalism but also add a modern twist to represent our forward thinking attitude. We need to ensure that our clients are assured that they are in safe hands and will receive service of the highest quality. The logo must be suitable for all company literature and advertising but also must have the ability to hold it's own when set amongst other strong company logos.

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  • idea #22, hope you like. Thank you!
  • You may only include one design on each entry, even if the 2 designs shown are identical. Please resubmit your entry alone and on a white canvas.
  • Please new submission #44 . Thanks
  • About #54 and #55 Hi CH, here are my design and please check this out...thanks..
  • Please new submission #53. Thanks
  • Hi CH #41 #42 #43 Here are my revisions. I changed the element slightly to make the overall shape stay togther. Also you requested a new font, do you prefer a serif or sans serif? Thanks!
  • md0
    Please see designs no. 39 and 40 - in the first one I've made the text more visible and in the second one I've increased the contrast in the graph. Please elaborate a bit more on the design direction you want me to take.
  • Thanks all for first drafts. Quite impressed, but am quite a hard critic. I think we will get a good winner in the end. The main problem is that we have a long name, especially the "Wakemans" part which tends to make all graphics long and thin. we have found that our name and logo tends to get "shrunk" by people when they put it on documents. This is because they are trying to make it fit. So a long logo, i.e. one with a high aspect ratio, is a problem. The more squared off the better. I really like md0's curved graphic. That has stuck in mind since I first saw it and it, therefore, has the all important memorable factor. Generally I would lose the strap line (the big picture in detail). In all proposals it seems an over complication. Thank you everyone.
  • have a look at font that is stronger.
  • not distinctive. but am interested in a name dominant approach.
  • similarly too much going. think cleaner and more simple.
  • too much going on.
  • the colour bars look rushed. the font and graphic balance is a start.
  • An interesting graphic. hone it up I think it has something about. Don't emphasise the W. Look at fonts.
  • would like a more distinct graphic and more "professional" font.
  • would like a strong graphic but not quite so play school orientated (no disrespect)
  • i like the idea of 3D aspect to graphic. but needs to be more distinct.
  • This has something about it. Work on the font and enhance the colour stripes.
  • this looks like a really good start. I like the bold graphic which will stand out and be recognisable. Press on please.