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Winning design #117 by alm91cse, Logo Design for proNode Contest
Gold Medal

designed by alm91cse

Project description

Need a logo for a company that focuses on network and IT hosting. Wish to emphasize the feature as a node in a network. capital N. maybe the N has a special recognizable feature that can be reused alone in other areas (favicon, business card, stationary etc.) Focus on text, not so much extra emblems. colors are not definitive.

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  • Word N - Connecting two parts "pro" and "ode". #124
  • Circular word symbolizing technology, interesting word N - creativity. Word N as a favicon. #115
  • Circular words - symbolizing technology, interesting word N - creativity. Word N as a favicon. #114
  • I have made the variations with multicolor as you provided. #82
  • Simple and clean. If you like, we would appreciate some more entries. #1
    • About #1, @post Ok, i working.

  • We like the emblem and have a wish to see this with a few changes if you please:
    *Multicolor fading (gradient?)
    *thinner font
    *Move the emblem to replace the center text N
    *Skew and stretch the emblem taller so the gray quares are above/below the entire text. The remaining blue squares should still be skewed to accommodate the shape of the N.
    Thank you. #68
  • Hi CH, what do you think about my design? #70 Thank you.
  • Hi CH,
    this is my concept, i hope you like. just tell me if you want another change for my design.
    thank you :) #54
  • Hi @post - letter N inside. =) #51
  • Hi @post - letter N inside. =) #50
  • We like where you're going but not sure what would take it to the top. More entries would be welcome. #17
  • Care to try again with some more variations of the N and maybe using more of the fonts from entry #13? #11
  • We wonder if the emblem might be worthy a few more entries if you like. Maybe without a frame/background or even directly as part of the text? Also maybe a bit more quiet ("slower") font #33
  • Hi. Could you reduce the wings and make the orange silver if it remains visible? More similar entries would be very welcome. #26
  • Hi. We like the text. Can you try to integrate the N as part of an emblem (unrelated to this entry) and give an example on dark background? Thank you. #13
  • any fedback pls #30