We received over 200 logos. Most of them were not of a professional quality. Lots of rushed work, and little to do with the brief. Maybe you should screen the artists better? Just makes your site look cheap when we see so much garbage.

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Winning design #167 by savevski, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by savevski

Project description

EXTENDED AGAIN? Are we difficult clients? 248 entries so far, and none are "IT"! We are hoping the other 5000 designers might also have ideas. Thanks for the patience! Please read the brief carefully! New logo needed for special-events prop company. The logo should be as creative as we are! Engineering meets Theater MAGIC! We are a European sets and props fabrication studio. We make things here...all kinds of things. Everything from exploding icebergs, giant telephones and 10-meter Christmas trees to life-size giraffe puppets or fortune cookies you can sleep in. Specializing in hand-crafted theatrical props, customized art-pieces, masks, puppets and set decoration, we pride ourselves on being able to create anything our clients imagine is possible. By providing support at every step from brainstorming to design, straight through to production. Have a look at our website gallery for an idea of what we build. (click on the English flag for English!) We are looking for a logo to replace the sad attempts we have tried so far. It is almost impossible to find a symbol or image that explains what we do. BUT WE WOULD LOVE ONE! (puppet? jester? hamlet? toolbox? sculpture? backstage? or something else?) We design and build theater props, but theater is not always our main customer. Logos with theater masks or curtains or spotlights are simply wrong - and a little plot. We are looking for something (a symbol) that portrays: Creative, Artistic, and Technical. We are not graphic artists. We work with metal and wood and fabric. Saws, tools, paint. Die Requisitenwerkstatt The Prop Specialists The attachment is our current "logo". We don't love it. I am absolutely open to all of your ideas! Until now, colour choices are still open and flexible.

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  • Hi, I submitted #12. It's the same design twice with different combination of colors in the symbol. The symbol is inspiration of the firs letters of Prop-Art. In the first design "p" and "a" are red... the same red from your site, and i think it fits perfectly with the design of the site and gives contrast in the whole logo. Waiting for your feedback... Thank you. Best wishes, Happypaw :)
  • Very bold! Very nice. Its too "street" / "gangster" with the grafitti. Our work is very precise, it feels too casual.
  • Thank you for your comment - maybe I can try with different color scheme and other positions for the letters.
  • Doesnt grab me. Maybe too abstract.
  • Love the glossiness. I find it hard to read. Feels a little ToysRUs. We want to come across much more serious and heavy, with a tiny bit of humour or irony.
  • Dear CH, please check my logo design for your company. best regards
  • Thanks for the entry. I think it doesn't suggest enough what we do. There needs to be some element or hint of entertainment, or handwork or art..
  • nice entry, we absolutely need the "-". The web address is Can we see a version with the dash?
  • We like this one alot.
  • Not crazy about the medieval font.
  • the graphic doesnt grab us. Feels a little like a dice or molecule?
  • this one didnt grab us.
  • Feels a little to Vampire-y : )
  • Love the splatters. The text could be way bigger.
  • Very cool. Not sure about the colour-mix.
  • The font is somehow interesting, but the grid behind confuses us.
  • It feels too Halloween-y for us : )
  • we find the words too hard to read.
  • Very nice!
  • very cool, but maybe too hard to read.