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it is a wonderful website, very professional designers, it was fun going through selecting my logo and i definitely look forward for designing my website from

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Winning design #155 by batikjava, Logo Design for property search real estate Contest
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designed by batikjava

Project description

( required logo for a real estate company in Dubai dealing with leasing property, buying property, selling property, property management & supervision service.

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  • Hi Shariq. Let me explain about my logo #70 & #74. In the Real Estate logos is overused the simbolic house. I see that you are in the web, that's the reason why I use the cursor and at the same time try to show a house but less obvious. The iconic logo can be used with or without the circle, but the reason why I use it, is to make the logo bring more confidence and strongest (Just put all the logos together, and see which is eye catching). Any feedback would be helpful. [Jobz]
    • hi job design i really like your logo and the concept, im trying to imagine your with different colours. can you please send me same in magneta color and fresh green

    • can u send without the circle aswell

    • Hi again Shariq, please take a look at #80 #81 and #83. there are variants of #70 and I play with colors. Any feedback would be helpful.

  • hello i actually like the idea can u please change the color from red to green and purple. ill appreciate if u can send me both color scheme
  • i like your work. can you please change the orange color to red The magnifying glass to dark grey. the property font to red the search font to dark grey and real estate fonts to black
  • hello i like your work, i will appreciate if you can send me the same logo in different color theme. 1)instead of green use fresh red. 2)instead of black house, make it dark grey. 3) search should remain black and real estate should be grey
    • I'm working on it, Thanks for your feedback. [Jobz]

  • i like your work, i wont you to make the background white.
  • hello i like your work, i will appreciate if you can send me the same logo in different color theme. instead of green use fresh red & grey.
  • About#61 Hi i have submitted this design would like to know what you say Thanks
  • hi i like the concept can u make it more colourful and futuristic
  • i like the idea can it be more colourful, modern and futuristic sort of logo.
    • Dear CH, if you don't like it, just eliminate it and I will use it somewhere else. Thank you.

  • Hi, I had submitted these designs #28, #29, #30 and would like to know what you think. KIND REGARDS
    • hi i like your logo #30 can it be more colorful and can it be more modern

  • HI Ch, I have submitted my entry like #31, #32, hope you will like and also waiting for your valuable feedback. thanks...
  • Please check out this proposal in a full view, click on this link with a hash-tag – #118
  • #107, #112 – Different typeface for the name. شكرا
  • i think #34 looks better than this, ur original one is far better than this....
    • Thanks for the feedback, I'm afraid can't respond them in real time. I will propose more variation in few hours. its almost dawn here.

  • like your logo... can you keep the house red and the magnifying glass grey
  • let me tell you that i will use this logo for my letter head, envelopes, visiting cards and etc please send me also for my website
  • hello i would like to finalize ur design.
  • Number 130. Positive nice color, without the red voltage, as simple and memorable. The road leading to the house is what really ends property search, if you want to add something or change, I'll be glad to do it for you. You only need to write that change, and I'll do anything.