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Winning design #262 by grade_phanter, Logo Design for ProReady Media Contest
Gold Medal

designed by grade_phanter

Project description

Hello Designers,

I am interested in a professional looking design that conveys the message that my company means business and we are experts/specialist in the field.  :)

Don't exactly have a specific style in mind but I think I am leaning towards a modern, professional looking design. I would like it to be unique looking/stands out in a creative way but no overdone.  Because the name of the company isn't overly unique I would like the design to be.

Company Info:

ProReady Media is a social media marketing agency that focuses on helping business owners from small to large create, launch and manage their social media. 

We also provide: website, email and SEO marketing services as well as part of companies services but our bread and butter is social media marketing.  

ProReady Media Inc., is federally registered in Canada.

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  • Another color proposition of my idea #269 #270 #279
  • Idea the same like my #269 but closed element - to add more professional look. #270
  • New idea - original and unique. Modern and express social media business - letter "O" like eye - attention - most valuable think (i think :) ) in social media incorporate in logo. What do you think @Panpan ? #269
  • @Panpan This design is inspired your opinions. It have elements I thought you may really like. I can export it to any graphic formats you want. If you have any questions - please feel free to ask. #268
  • Hi.. Here you have one good ,clear and original design, wich will definitly send strong and clear message to costumers. This design is made in 4 color palet (Black ,White ,Red and Grey). My opinion is that this logo design will send message that people can relay on you and feel comforable and safe. Here i used Righteous font because is very clear and readable. And finally colors and maple leaf and here to represent Canada. Hope you like it, you'r sincerely. All the best! #266
  • Hi
    I am interested in participating in this project.
    This is my concept for first entry.
    Please let me know if you want to change colors or style.

    Thanks. #264
  • Express professionality, media and content buisness, modern and innovative. Do you want any changes? #258
  • pelase ceck design #254
  • bentukanya cute simple modern and elegant colors make it look perfect logo for your comments .... please ... #255
  • bentukanya cute simple modern and elegant colors make it look perfect logo for your comments .... please ... #254
  • hello @Panpan please check this... #237
  • hello @Panpan please check this... #236
  • design #209
  • design #208
  • design #207
  • design #206
  • check this one and sent me feedback #205
  • raa
    I welcome any comments and feedback. Thank you. #174
  • ready ( checklist ) #161
  • simple , modern and eyecating.... shadow "R" (ready) always follows ... can be defined anywhere, anytime, in any case the company is always ready #160