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Winning design #136 by msawon941, Logo Design for Prospect Bio Contest
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designed by msawon941

Project description

Industrial microbiology creates novel pathways to both new and existing chemical products. By studying how Mother Nature herself synthesizes chemicals, metabolic engineers can scale Nature's work to support human life. 

Prospect Bio works at the beginning of the industrial microbiology R&D pipeline by offering novel DNA sequences that can be used to create proprietary biochemical pathways. We have spent the past two years sequencing DNA from esoteric micro organisms from all over the earth. These microbes are not characterized in public DNA databases and as such represent a secure private source of novel DNA sequences.

Terms that relate to our value proposition are:

Treasure trove
Mining - "Metabolic Mining" tagline. Here we would be emphasizing our superior mining techniques which result in increased novel target genes for pathway engineers. Some industrial microbiology R&D groups may think they can simply do the microbial metabolic mining that we do, but here we would like to emphasize both our superior abilities and how tedious the work really is (such that they don't want to do it themselves). A pick and shovel motif would be good for real miners, but for us, two pipets would be better to serve as a symbol. This would be a more humorous, light logo.

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  • I put a decent amount of time into making the pipet, I tried to work it into the mining logo style you had uploaded with the brief but I ran a little short on time. If the design concept is something you are interested but would like to make some changes to the arrangement or colors I would be more than happy to do so before submitting my final files. Any criticism is appreciated. Thank you #168
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  • We like this design, especially on the black background. Could you please switch the direction of the helix and change the colorsof the pick to green and blue? Thanks! #116
    • About #116, @patatina
      Thank you very much for the feedback. Please see my latest revisions for the thinner helix and different fonts and its positions.

  • Thinner helix and play w the font please. Thanks! #116
  • Could you please connect the "rungs" of the helix ladder from one side to the other? Thanks!
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  • Hello. This is my logo concept. Please review it. I hope you like it. Thanks. #112
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