On behalf of Proteg-GO, I would like to personally thank all the designers who submitted so many Great Entries! Your work and vision certainly made our decision very difficult. The competition provided eye opening ideas and enabled us to look outside of the box that we were thinking in. Best of luck to all designers in future competitions! I am looking forward to working with you on future design projects. Sincerely, Ray K

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Winning design #127 by oreth, Logo Design for Proteg-GO Contest
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designed by oreth

Project description

We are a Mobile App's company who's focus is in providing "Individual / Personalized" information, in unexpected Health & Life Situations. How it works: With a simple touch, vital information can be provided immediately in a time of need, making the difference between life and death. Proteg-GO in Italian means "To Protect"... In providing these app's Proteg-GO goes with you ... every and anywhere in the world! You are never alone in that time of need. Hence, we anticipate a Global Audience! Messages / Talking Points about Proteg-GO: 1) "Always with you when you are on the GO" 2)"Provides you and your loved ones Peace of Mind when you need it most" 3) "Your information is Safe and Secure" 4) "your lifeline / safety net / beacon to the information you need in life challenging events". We would like a Bold, Strong Image with a Contemporary / Active / Mobile look and feel. We would like a unique Brand which may utilize the traditional "Cross" and or "EKG Wave" to depict an emergency situation, but with a focus towards a successful / positive outcome. Please be creative ... additional work will be available to create unique branded ICONS for our Mobile Product Set. Looking forward to seeing what you can come up with! Good Luck and Have Fun!!! Cheers, RAK

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  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • Re: Post 14 & 15 ... Please correct the Name Proteg-GO not Porteg-go! Nice look to the image w/ heart! Can you please add tag lines under 1) Always with you on the Go and 2)Peace of mind.... see other comments for text. Thank you!
  • Re: Greez Cyanmatt, Thank you for the repost and your kind comments ... looking real good!!!
  • Re: Greez Cyanmatt, Thank you for the repost and your kind comments ... looking real good!!!
  • Repost. Hope you like it, think your Project sounds very nice and I think this could be a great invention in medicine informatics... greez cyanmatt
  • Hey...don't know what was wrong with my entry. talked to a supporter and he fixed, here's my entry. At the moment I'm going to do a smartphone version of this...freez cyanmatt
  • #16 #17 Updated as requested. Please tell me if there are any other changes you'd like to see.
  • Hi Designers ... Thanks for all your work!!! Looking good with some great ideas ... what happened to cyanmatt??? Here is some feedback by Post Number: 1) Like the Red-cross effect - wave is a bit faint and the font a bit too bold ... interested in a second! 2) Tag line w/ EKG Wave nice effect ... Color not really right and Image too whimsical. 3) Like the Font and Text .. Image a bit too busy. 6) Real Clean Look - Image could use a bit more impact. 7) Like the Colors and Font. Take out the :) and maybe extend the line. Would like to see that a different tag line: "Always with you while you are on the GO" 8) Like the Colors and Font. Red Cross may a little smaller or even in the Blue. Same comment re: the Tag Line 9) Real Good Look and Font... Just doesn't seem to finish. Would like to see a tag line like above or the "Peace of Mind" from 7-8. 10) Real nice Font Selection .. Yellow/Gold doesn't work well in Healthcare ... the P-shield looks a bit like an Antivirus Brand 11)similar to the comments in # 3 12)really nice font and colors ... like the cross art-work ... image is kewl but a bit busy. Would like to see a tag line underneat as well such as the Peace of Mind... comment and the Always with you while... 13) Real Nice Font and design .. colors are good ... would like to have the ekg wave extended in Blue above and below at the peak and valley. would like to see the above tag lines below as well. Cyanmatt... liked the design and tag lines.. would prefer the image to be a SmartPhone v clipboard if you choose to repost. Other General Updates for the Designer. Our Products have a Global Reach .. see what you can do to factor that in but please don't get too busy on this idea. Thank you all again for your work. Looking forward to seeing what else you have in mind!!! Cheers, RK
  • I've added the tagline underneath the logo (#75, #76, #77) and made one more variation with the GO in green (#78).
  • Hi "y" .. thanks for the quick turn around. Like the "GO" and Circle... Kewl! I had a vision here bear with me... how about we take the "t" and do two (2) Kewl images... 1) Top Red Cross and 2) Bottom an sleek SmartPhone. Take out the Green Cross altogether, or have the bottom part of the "P Semi Circle" extend out and have that a Red Cross and the "t" in the shape of a SmartPhone. Just thinking. I'd also like the Tag line to be Black and a similar font (Not BOLD) as the top. Thanks for bearing with me! Cheers!
  • Hi "r" .. just a thought after another look. In the IMAGE can you place the Green + in the circle in the middle letting the P and the g (Pg)flow together with green cross as the center piece? How do you think that would look? Thanks!
  • Hi "M" ... Like the Font and Clean Look! .. how about the top of the "t" a Red Cross ... the Hyphen an EKG Wave and "GO"showing motion with the "O" "GO" a kewl global icon. Tag Line under should read ... "Always there when you're on the GO". Thanks!
  • Hi "J" ... Classic and Clean with some nice imagry. Like the Tag Line pointing up to "GO" just not sure the Bold Line is the right fit. Would like some motion going into the "GO" Tag should read. "Always there when you're on the". That will free some space to play with the Text Box / Line. Thanks!
  • Hi "B" ... Creative design... would like to see in Blue Schemes and Gree Schemes. Tag Line in Black or Red Below should read. "Always there when on the GO". Thanks!
  • Hi "i" .. Real Nice Font ... starting to really capture the idea of motion. Please hyphen befor GO. Would like the Tag Line " Always with you on the GO". Would like to see in a Black-Red Scheme and a Navy & Red Scheme along with a Light Blue and Black. Thanks!
  • Hi "r" .. Love the way the Tag Line "Fits" .. Clever usage of the heart with the P. Question is how do we depict Global? Thanks
  • Hi "red" .. love the transition of the blue .. should the tag line be in Black??
  • Hi "red" .. again.. torn really like both how do we get across Global ... thanks!
  • Hi "Jans.." real nice and kewl utilization of the subtle Red Cross in the "P"!!! Can you chance the colour schemes 1) Red "P", maybe shaded with Cross Darker and the Hyphen changed to a Red "ekg wave line" going into the "GO" which.. 2) As is with just the Red "P" as described above. BOTH: Please put the tag line under: "Alway there when you are on the GO". Thanks!