Providence Benefits

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this is an insurance agency that specializes in employee benefits. The word Providence means: under the divine protection, guidance and care of God. Since insurance is protection, we would like to build a design around the concept of God's protection. We want any faith reference to be subtle, not in your face. 

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  • Hi sir, please check and considered my concepts design logo. I was change the color and text/font. Thanks for your attentions. #351
  • If any revision I'll fix soon as possible #345
  • Im ready to your feedback #344
  • don't eliminated. just give me feedback
    So .. i can help you find what you are looking for .. #341
  • Providence Benefits #337
  • how about this one? please,give me responds, thanks #326
  • About #294, @Diyan

    Thank you
  • Four hand mean protection and God help. My design focus on the luxury. #319
  • please,give me responds, thanks #313
  • I hope you like my concept, so please,give me responds, thanks #305
  • Hi can you sent me any feedback because I noticed my design ranking it's down #281
  • how? #303
  • check this #302
  • hi i can submitted different people options please check now thanks #282
  • this page may help you in your decision-making:
  • About #226, @logox
    I like this logo a lot- just want the skinny people
  • I like this logo a lot but I do not like the fat people I like the people on 223 or 220 better #226
  • can you incorporate the yellow arch and the spikes from this one into 220? #226
  • About #134, @DuckOn
    please make the yellow the color of the logo on 190 at the bottom for more contrast
    • @andymartinclu done please check my new entry. thank you

  • look simple but meaningfull #253