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Commissioning a logo through designContest has been a great business decision. We received 200 unique logo designs in as little as a week, and we could not be happier with our final selection. We chose this avenue as we were not at all sure what we were looking for with a logo. We knew that at a more general level we wanted a logo that would appeal to corporate as well as individual clients, and would offer insight into the nature of our business, whilst also tapping reflecting the setting ithin which we operate (coastal location). A very big ask on all levels. However, our designer hit the mark precisely, offering a logo that is unique and attractive and one that we are proud to have on our letterhead. Having said that, we would have been very pleased with around ten of the 200 logos submitted! The quality of the designers on designContest are second to none, and rather than contracting a designer independently to provide a range of six or seven logos, the diversity offered t

$300 paid

194 custom designs

29pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #178 by khaleefa, Logo Design for Psychology Practice Contest
Gold Medal

designed by khaleefa

Project description

Our psychology practice provides psychological assessments, counseling and consultation to individuals, couples, families and organizations. The logo should read 'Nudge' with the byline 'Psychological assessment & consulting'. The title 'Nudge' refers to our philosophy that healthy behavior can be shaped setting the scene where people find it easier to make better choices ("everyone needs a nudge in the right direction") . We would like our title to reflect this idea and to appeal to individual as well as corporate clients. UPDATE TO BRIEF - we have noticed some colour schemes and designs give the impression of the coast, and the sea. As ours is a beachside town this feels as though it would give clients the impression we are a local business, and this idea is every appealing to us.

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  • about #2 and #4 love to hear if you like this too..can be in any color you want..(and font ofcourse..)
  • Thanks for this design. We really like it and would like to see some variations on it. The logo is great, but could we see a version with no gap in the middle? Australians have a crass sense of humor, and it could be interpreted as looking like the green figure has an erection, and the blue figure is, well, you know.... Look forward to your revisions Thanks
  • This is all over the net...please check.. Not an orginal
  • Thanks for your submission. This is great - really on the right track! Would love to see some further variations on this design. Could we see a version without the gap in the middle of the logo. We really like the logo but Australians have a crass sense of humour and it looks a little like the green figure has an erection. And that means the blue figure..... Thanks
  • Thanks again Not so keen on the positioning on the image on this one. Like the image in this one though. Thanks
  • Thanks for submitting your design. We love this - particularly with the logo set to the side. We would love to see a few variations on this design including colour variations. Great work! Thanks
  • Thanks for this entry. This seems to have been a response to our comments re design number 12. We should have been a little clearer with the feedback. We liked that fact that the image appeared to be "pushing in a direction". This design moves further away from this. However, we really like the colour scheme! Thanks
  • Hi again Thanks for submitting again - this looks like it might be a response to our comments pertaining to design number 12 - we should have been a little clearer with the feedback. We really liked the idea that the logo illustrated "pushing in a direction" - this one is a little further off track from that. However, the colour scheme is really great! Love it
  • Thanks for your submission. We like the design but perhaps a little too clinical/medical. Colour scheme is in the right range but a little "too blue". Thanks
  • Thanks for your design! We really like the "clean" nature of this design and that fact that it is on the more unique side - certainly heading in the right direction. Thanks
  • This is really nice - prefer Psychological Assessment & Consulting in one line across the bottom as per design 16. Liking the organic feel of the image. Blues as a colour scheme feels appropriate given the business is a coastal business but happy to see some interplay with different colour combinations. Love to see some more! Thanks
  • Thanks for your submission. Not so keen on the colour scheme and the logo feels a little "too familiar/generically corporate" - would like to see something a little more risky/unique! Thanks
  • Thanks for your submission. We are starting to get there - your image illustrates the idea of "a nudge" but we are not so keen on the actual design. Thanks
  • Thanks for your submission. This is a beautiful design, however, not really in keeping with our thinking of "a nudge" - I am also a little concerned that the name may be too obscured by the image. Would love to see more though. Thanks
  • Thank you for submitting your design. We really like the organic style of your design but think perhaps it is a little do hard to read. We also thought that the tree was not so in keeping with our overarching philosophy of "a nudge" - perhaps it would work better if it was a person? We would love to see some more designs! Thanks
  • #104: THIS IS CALLED : "FINGERPRINT"" hope you like to impact
  • @contestholder ok will leave it al my last concept.. thanks for now..and am curious!
  • Hi everyone Lots of great designs here. We went for a competition because we were not clear about what we were after. We had only our business philosophy to go on. We are going to let the competition run for the full week to see what else comes up, but if yours is in the top 12 it is fine for now (no need to send any more variations), we just want to give it a few days and see what we think. Sometimes designs you like straight away look a bit 'twee' the next morning! If you have new ideas, fire away! Thanks so much for your hard work so far.
  • Nice design, but too medical/anatomical.
  • Colouring is much better, thanks!