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Winning design #39 by seegor, Logo Design for Ptah RE Contest
Gold Medal

designed by seegor

Project description

Company name is PTAH PARTNERS or just PTAH. Logo for new forward-thinking property management and development company. For use on website, business card and stationery. We're young and trying to gain attention, but not offend or appear gaudy. Logo must instill confidence in a potential client that their asset will be safe in our care. Potential clients must want to do business with us. Logo must exude style, confidence. Clients must believe that just by hiring us they have raised the standard of their building. A buyer seeing our logo must feel that the product they are buying is desirable, classy and of a high quality. Please Wiki Ptah for guidance. Look at logo for RE company Edens and our original card design. I like the two tone of the card. Start with original design and go from there. I'd like to see a picto-character design or an asymmetrical letter design. Thank you to all who have submitted ideas. I appreciate your efforts. 52 submissions. We're 1/2 through. Thank you all! From this point on we would like to see NEW DESIGNS ONLY and request responses. If anyone can design a picto-logo with "P" before the "T" please submit. Asymmetric designs are welcome. Surprise us, Please!

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  • hai HC, sorry but what the company name should be?
    • Ptah Partners. Try to design the "PT" into a logo and/or look up Ptah. Thank you.

  • Is there anything you would like changed in my entry?
  • Not very creative. Design can be found on any website.
  • Hi CH, Design #3 is for your attention. Provide me feedback please, if the design is closer to you. Kind Regards...
    • |--|

      navin9949 {*wrote*}:
      Hi CH, Design #3 is for your attention. Provide me feedback please, if the design is closer to you. Kind Regards...
      |--| No sophistication. Design can be found on any website

    • No problem.. will provide better design soon. Thanks a lot.

  • I like the waves, but want to see use of a pictograph or the letters "PT".
    • Which side would you like to see the pictograph? (Left side of PTAH?)

  • Push the pictograph to include both "P and T" or "PTP" No need to use the overused 4 windows to infer housing. We manage real estate we want to appear corporate, but boutique {stylish}
  • Not bad, but needs to be more corporate. I will upload examples soon.
  • Wouldn't mind seeing a pictograph integrating letters "PT"
  • Too childish. Looking for boutique corporate.
  • Too childish. Looking for boutique corporate.
  • Too childish. This is a small company trying to look boutique coporate.
  • In the logo design I mixed two attributes of Ptah (djed and ankh) as well as the P and the T. I wasn’t sure if “real estate” should be included in the text. Any comment/feedback on the current design is appreciated.
  • I Like the waves, but could you try another font and loose the logo on the other side.
  • Agressive.
  • too simplistic. Not sophisticated.
  • Can you push the logo design? Use letters PTP.
  • Where's the design?
  • Not sophisticated enough.
  • Misspelled,
  • Hello, I have updated my #16 logo. Please check it out, thank you!