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Winning design #132 by hsp18, Logo Design for Pure Dermatology Contest
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designed by hsp18

Project description

Pure dermatology by Dr. Kate Zibilich Holcomb is concerned about helping patients look their best but maintaining their own beautiful appearance and not making them look weird. 

My target population is the working female age 25-65 who cares about being healthy and looking their best. 

I want to stand apart from other aesthetic physicians by having my own before and afters and my own patients attesting to my skill and not company stock photos. 

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  • Could I see this in Chanel pink and a lighter grey instead of beige? #81
  • can you use a different font like Adobe garamond pro, Moderna and Trajan pro, and bodoni #22
  • I'd oike this to be something besides a leaf. either nothing or a flower. #22
  • Please give your feedback. If you need any change please let me know. #275
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    Here is my proposal
    Thanks for your comments and feedback
    Greetings #260
  • Hi @drholcomb please check my design, hope you like it #257
  • Hi drholcomb, this is my entry. I hope you like it. thank you #250
  • color of background doesn't factor. you can use any background except logo color. #245
  • Please correct the spelling Dermatology not dermotology........ #152
  • Hi, This is my first designs, I hope you will like it and give me some feedback,
    Warm Regards
    Sahead #235
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    Here is my new entry for your contest,
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  • Hello,I hope you like it,
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    Hope you will like it.
    your feedback will be helpful
    Thanks #170 , #165, #145, #144, #143, #142, #125
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  • clean polished professional "PD" logo #148
  • Hallo CH..
    I made this concept as your brief, it's looking so luxury and beautiful logo.
    hope you like it :)
    thank's :) #131