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Winning design #43 by FEMAE, Logo Design for PURE LUXURY APOTHECARY Contest
Gold Medal

designed by FEMAE

Project description

A brand new Luxury range of : Skin Products Hair Products Hollistic Remedies Only the purest ingredients create holistic remedies for BODY, MIND & SOUL. Engineered by nature, responsibly sourced, never tested on animals! (and also amazingly good for you) We only make a few...it's that good! BACKGROUND INFO: Our products have been formulated by a Pharmacist who specialises in dermatology. This is different to the vast range of products currently on the market. Using unique and hi-tech formulations such as Snake and Bee's venom to hold that younger look and Snail Serum to reverse the aging process. Our formulations are made only in small batches. SAMPLE SITE: Do take a look at our website (currently being built): http://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/1008?galleryDocIndex=3&originUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wix.com%2Fwebsite%2Ftemplates%2Fhtml%2Fbusiness-services%2Fhealth-beauty%2F2 Some of our skincare has been made for xmas launch and we've used different packaging: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?espv=210&es_sm=93&biw=997&bih=658&tbm=isch&tbnid=qxM0bDtRj1IqfM:&imgrefurl=http://www.ampulla.co.uk/product.asp%3FP_ID%3D837&docid=BVmsEJnn2ynqhM&itg=1&imgurl=http://www.ampulla.co.uk/uploads/images_products_large/837.jpg&w=400&h=600&ei=R1BuUviuAsWd0AXJ8ICwCQ&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:7,s:0,i:101&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=190&tbnw=135&start=0&ndsp=18&tx=65&ty=84 http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?espv=210&es_sm=93&biw=997&bih=658&tbm=isch&tbnid=C7tGy1WspSi89M:&imgrefurl=http://www.aliexpress.com/popular/lotion-pump-bottle.html&docid=NkdEXOe2zo5aIM&imgurl=http://i00.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/1117841514/Free-Shipping-font-b-lotion-b-font-font-b-pump-b-font-font-b-bottle-b.jpg&w=800&h=800&ei=R1BuUviuAsWd0AXJ8ICwCQ&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:0,s:0,i:80&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=178&tbnw=163&start=0&ndsp=18&tx=113&ty=72 Logo: to be used on our skincare/haircare products and also on website and stationary. TARGET AUDIENCE: High end market products, similar to Rodial (http://www.rodial.co.uk/)

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  • Nice style...change the font....its very difficult to be noticed and to read from far (when looking at a shelf on bottle etc etc) I want it to be distinguishable from competitors
  • like this...can you put on sample packaging??
  • Like motif...change in font required...
  • Not keen on colour
  • Really like the look, can you make some sample packaging, to see how it would look on bottles
  • Really like the look! Can you draft some packaging bottles to see how it would look? Thanks
  • Hi, any variations in colour? This will be used on this type of bottle? http://www.rodial.co.uk/product/Skin-Care-Glamoxy-Snake-Range/Glamoxy-Snake-Serum/256
    • Hii CH! which color would you prefer? So that I can make the changes to the logo.

  • Hi I have mocked up a bottle for you in #40 and #41. I was thinking of how much your printing costs would be for using the metallic pantone ink, and so I mocked up the same design in more earthy rich brown. You could use your logo in different colours, on the web you could have it metallic and on bottles change the colour. The printer can do that with the vector. This is just a quick mockup, obviously the wording is not correct, it is just to show you what you can do and how it would look. Kind regards, Liz
  • Liz, This looks AMAZING just as is....but I cannot visualise it on a bottle, unless it was printed slanted....Can you suggest how it would create maximum impact and be seen on a shelve/packaging. Also, can you do a slight variation in colour tone (with the 3 tones already there....top being slightly darker - currently only shows on the P and L ) Thanks
    • no problem, will mock up a bottle and packaging for you.

    • Thanks!

  • I prefer the style of this logo....compared to the other one you did.... Any variations??
  • Can you make a different motif in between Pure Luxury and Apothecary...Thx
  • Visually appealing, can you try a different font for the words pure luxury. Also like the motif around Apothecary Background also not bad....
  • Visually bright! but not keen on the font
  • Looks fantastic! and very eye catching! Can you do with a colour variation? Thanks
  • Like the colours.....and style. This logo stands out from far...Very good! Is there anything you can do to make it different from other 'Pure Luxury' type logo's....ie font or swishes?? Something that can be used to say that this logo belongs to us!
    • Thank you for the feedback, I just submitted #28 where I try to personalize the text as you suggested, I could try other variations. Best Regards, Anaid

    • Please try other variations. I want it to stand out amongst other products, as well as be able to be recognisable on a bottle.

  • Nice looking logo...can we try with different font.
  • What a fantastic design! Unique and eye catching! Can you redo with correct spelling of Apothecary Can you also make variations, as this would need to go onto a skincare/haircare product....Please show me a visualisation of how this would look on the product
  • What's preferred color scheme for this brand? Regards,
    • I honestly don't have one. Which is why it makes things more difficult.

    • The bottles/packaging used will be white/silver or brown. Please take a look at the website shown in the brief. Regards

  • Thanks for your feedback, here is #18 with the colours reversed as you suggested. I will try other fonts for you. Kind regards, Liz
    • Thanks Liz!...look forwards to it!

  • Nice style...needs variation in font type/motif.... and needs to be bolder so it stands out from far. This will be used on packaging which will be situated next to other bottle/jars etc etc