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Pure Wellness Nutrition is a wellness clinic that offers chiropractic care, massages, acupuncture, weight loss and nutritional counseling. The logo should be clean and simple, yet eye catching. I'd like for it to include the colors blue & green and have a leaf and/or fruit feature. It does not have to resemble the Pure Wellness logos below (these were added for reference as to what the company logo looks like). 

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  • Hi, nice to meet you. How about my logo design? I was made concept that logo look fresh and eye catching. Lemon symbol wich drop lemon water and wet the letter "LL" and being "nutrition" than recharge healthy and wellness. Thanks for your attention. #275
  • I'd like to see this logo with the apple shaped slightly more like a heart (see entry #209) and give the person 2 arms. Thanks!
    • @myproweightloss New design #255,#268

    • @DesignBear Congratulations! We've chosen your logo, #269, as our winner!

    • @myproweightloss Thank you, I see the contest is still open. Im only allowed to send you all the vector files and other files and changes in the final stage when officially selected as the winner. Thank you.

    • @DesignBear Thank you. I will end the contest. We will also need an app icon and splash screen. Are you able to create this format as well? App icon: 1024 pixels high & 10124 pixels wide with a max file of 500K@ 72 DPI Splash Screen: 2272 pixels high & 1280 pixels wide. This needs to be in the format of JPG or PNG. Thanks!

    • @myproweightloss Great, thank you. I can definitely do that. I will design those and send you all the files you need. Thank you.

  • if any revision i will fix as soon as possible #274
  • Hi, @myproweightloss

    Any feedback or rating #273
  • like this? #272
  • like this? #271
  • Sorry the green in 252.
  • Can you do this logo with a lighter green like in 251 and a stem & leaf detail similar to 251.

    Thanks! #250
  • @myproweightloss i have seen all your new comments you will soon recive your updates

    solomon david
  • Can I also please see this with an apple detail instead of an orange?
    Thanks! #195
  • Can I please see this design with the Pure Wellness underneath the fork detail, then Nutrition underneath of our name with a line detail. Thanks! #195
  • Please check this entry :) #248
  • . #236
  • . #235
  • please check, sir. give me feedback, thank you. #230
  • chek please #228
  • , #227
  • design with possible color scheme option. #226
  • please guide me,thank #225
  • Hi there, uploading my design proposition for you. Will really appreciate some feedback or suggestions, thanks. #224