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Pure Wellness is a wellness clinic that offers chiropractic care, massages, acupuncture, weight loss and nutritional counseling. The logo should be clean and simple, yet eye catching. I'd like for it to include the colors blue & green and have a leaf and/or fruit feature. It does not have to resemble the Pure Wellness logos below (these were added for reference as to what the company logo looks like). 

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  • are you like this? #152
  • negative space p logo #149
  • hi, CH
    Please check my work.
    thank you. #141
  • If there is anything you would like to add or change please let me know. #134
  • If there is anything you would like to add or change please let me know. #133
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  • new designs.
    simple , clean and professional

    vonda :) #93
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  • About #26, @dinomuzurovic16 Of course you can do as soon I do I will set examples.
  • Hi, this is logo for you, I hopr you happy, thanks. #78
  • I like your idea. Can I please see the symbol as a blue water drop and a green leaf (instead of lots of little leaves inside)? Thanks!
    • @myproweightloss thanks for the feedback, I will soon be a revision of a drop of water. regards

  • May I please see a version of this logo with the two leaves forming the shape of a heart? Thanks! #8
  • May I please see this image with the two leaf details forming the shape of a heart? Thanks! #26
  • Can i please see this logo with a blue heart and then a version without the leaf detail?
    Thanks! #18
  • pleas check my concept, thanks #61
  • new #59
  • NEW DESIGN #57
  • NEW DESIGN #56