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The initial project is to create a logo for purejoojoo to be used for both the web site and on business cards. Creative guidelines are: 1. Simplicity 2. Sense of dynamic movement and energy.

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  • something like this? Or do you prefer that each letter is even more different? Thanks.
  • Thanks for the feedback! I'm working on the revision.
  • Hi sharie, Thanks so much for your comment (I am SUCH a rookie when it comes to posting comments!) Thanks again for ALL your designs and appreciate the help on how I should be giving feedback (since we are close to the end of the contest, I will continue to blast the message board with all my comments!) :) Isabel.
  • Oh Dragonfly! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for regarding the swirl/burst of energy! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Is there any way we can modify the font so that it is more of a script font where the letters are not all the same style? Thanks in advance! Isabel.
  • I'll submit my proposal in a couple of hours.
  • I'll submit my proposal in a couple of hours.
  • Hi Isabel, I'm not sure if you know how to get revisions from the designers, Thought I would explain, or try ti explain it : ) If you click on the image you will see some buttons right below the image. You can choose several options with those buttons. If you choose the "Needs work" button and click "apply" button, the designer will then be ab le to send you a revision on that image. I hope this will help. This has been a fun design contest! sharie
  • Hi Isabel, I'll try to submit my proposal
  • Hi everyone! As we get closer to the end of the contest, I added another example of what I am envisioning for the swirl/burst/wave of energy for the logo -- lots of colour, movement and flow! So what I am looking for is MORE of this and HIGHER so it extends up the side of the page/business card etc. THANKS IN ADVANCE! Isabel.
  • nhr
    Hi again, my design is ready, but I have problem to send it...
  • nhr
    Thank you very much Isabel :) I'll prepare new revision soon!
  • Oh nhr -- I LOVE your redesign too! REALLY like the new text for purejoojoo. Now if we could just keep adding more to the burst so that it extends higher, and more colour, that would be EXACTLY what I am looking for! (And absolutely LOVE the gold swirl that comes under the text and the sunbursts and...it is ALMOST there!) THANKS AGAIN! Isabel.
  • ROBERT777!!! Oh, we are getting SO close! If we could add even MORE to the burst and make the words italicized (it is because the "daily moment of happy" for the web site will be in regular text so I want there to be a contrast between the logo and the message), that would be FABULOUS! THANK YOU! Isabel.
  • This is a fun project, I'll post something soon:)
  • Hi everyone, As we head into the final stretch, we still don't have a winning design but we are getting REALLY close! So thank you again to all who have submitted an entry (and for making the requested revisions!) Guidelines to the winning design: 1. Need to see more splash of colour -- don't hold back because this is what is what purejoojoo is all about and I just need to see that! :) 2. Words "purejoojoo" should either be entirely black or gray or an outline. All the colours should be in the burst. Additional comments: 1. LOVED what nhr did for the swirl (#531) so if we could have a gray background swirl with the coloured shapes and designs layered on top to add the dimension and texture and movement (the ones that Illumina created in #530 and Sharie created in #525 were WONDERFUL!), that would be great to see! Hope everyone is enjoying their day! Isabel.
  • Hi nhr! Your new design is also getting us closer too! Would you be able to extend the swirl and add all the colour to the swirl while making the text black? Also, if there is any way to make the entire text the same font as the second "j", I would LOVE to see that! THANK YOU ALSO FOR ALL YOUR HELP! Isabel.
  • Hi Illumina! Your new design is getting us closer! Need to see more splash and if we could refine the font slightly so that the "j" don't look so much like "s", that would be FABULOUS! THANK YOU THANK YOU! Isabel.
  • Thank you Sharie for all your entires and for your time -- really appreciate it. Isabel.
  • Hi everyone, Now that I have seen some initial designs, here are some additional guidelines to hopefully reach the winning design! 1. More colour and more burst 2. Would like to see a version of the design with "purejoojoo" in a non-standard font(i.e. where all the letters are not all the same font but rather one that "moves" and shows life) Thanks again to all those who have participated so far! Isabel.
  • Hi Illumina, I REALLY like your design for the burst of energy! Could we just blow that out and use every single colour in the colour wheel and extend it? I just want the burst to be bold and bright and just make people smile from looking at it! Regarding the actual words, if we could remove the eyes and the smiley faces and just try an all black cursive logo where all the letters are not the same, I think we are getting REALLY close! LOVE the hearts and stars and sparkles! Thank you thank you! Isabel.