Puzzle Capital

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Project description

Private Capital Fund which main concept is raise capital from investors to invest in real estate projects and multiple start up business (energy, food, etc).
Puzzle Group will have different divisions (Construction, Food Business, Consulting at the moment). We need an identity that can be adapted to different kind of business.
Investors are like puzzle pieces, you need to sum different pieces to create something bigger and not everyone can build a puzzle, its something complex but with the right guide it can be done successfully.

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  • @carlosivan ! Hello sir hope you like this design please let me know if you need any changes in the design. Thanks #497
  • simple logo #495
  • simple logo #494
  • simple logo #493
  • simple logo #492
  • @carlosivan please blind the contest sir .
  • avo
    How about this one?
    Please check carefully.
    Thanks. #479
  • :-) #475
  • avo
    Yes, of course.
    I have revised the logo with (1 circle, 1 box and 1 without them) with tie and without tie.
    I use the number to make it easier for you to choose and repair.
    Please check carefully.
    Is this the case you want?
    Let me know if there are any improvements you want.
    Thanks. :) #474
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  • My proposal design 02 #468
  • My proposal design 01 #467
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  • @carlosivan how about this ? #452
    • @Rio_Iqbal It would be better rotated 45 degrees... Like a square and the separated piece, a lot more separated... but the one in the right top

    • @carlosivan if you believe in my logo design, I can do the revision process at the finalization step as you wish. thank you
      kind regards

    • @carlosivan please check my revision for your feedback to me